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Might be an unpopular opinion but, frankly, Sussman is a pawn here. We know that judge is cucked and the jury will likely let him walk with nothing but a slap on the wrist. But I think that's peanuts, the real goal is collecting the evidence to charge someone higher after this.

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Look what happens when you start charging people, they flip like a burger grilled by ex-Netflix employees. Yet, 0 of the 2000 mules have been charged and all their handlers are getting away with it.

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Right, I lost track of how many supposed "conservatives" are ok with Biden cause "you must respect the president regardless" or because "we need to heal the country", or any other stupid shit like that. We got so many pussy bitches on "our" side.

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The issue here is that probably about half of them might dislike Biden cause he's not commie enough for them (as if that was even possible)

That's why I tend to take these numbers with a grain of salt cause we don't know the percentage of full blown retards baked into that 75% figure

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kek, chimpout watch and chimpout warning... my sides!

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Right. That's exactly what I was thinking. You really don't know anymore if this is some chimpout or like your average night for "diversity is our strength". It's all the same now.

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I guess "most" means he'll get the emails where they discuss what to get for staff lunch but not about stealing the election

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You'd think that after making so much of it, they would be expert inflation makers by now.

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Or maybe fuck Ukraine and nobody should be giving those assholes shit?

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Biden can't technically resign since he isn't running anything. Even if he resigned from his post, literally nothing would change since he has literally zero influence on any decision. The shadow lizards will keep running the country just as they are now.

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I mean, how could you not in the face of racial justice, equity, diversity and global warming? /s

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Or at the very least start shipping a bunch of arms to the cartels

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Probably plenty of American mercs and "advisers" are gonna starve to death in the bunkers under that steel factory. They dug their own graves, lol.

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I'm confused why he thinks that Disney finally starting to pay taxes will make his taxes go up? If anything, should have the opposite effect...

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This exactly. While I love to rip on leftists and Biden, it's more complicated than that.

Yes, leftists are dumb, but clearly the dude wasn't elected so we can't say that this is happening because that's how people voted. Because people didn't vote to elect him.

While Biden is a senile moron, it's also clear that he's not running anything. He's not even allowed in the WH, c'mon man. Biden is a piece of shit, but he's simply the puppet that they put out there once in a while to placate retarded normies.

The true issue here is that nobody is doing anything to stop this. The other side is in on it. There are maybe a dozen people putting up any sort of resistance but they are getting screwed even from their own side. The thought that if we just vote for the other side is a complete lie. The other side hates Americans just as much as the left except a few rare cases.

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I believe him when he says that they built the inflation!

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