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Exactly this. Years here and I don't think I saw a single time where this place called for black parents to be jailed until this "standard" was adopted. The race baiters are getting lazy.

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When did shitty parenting become a crime? And if it is a crime, let's go charge the parents of all these dindus!

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You can hear the leftist ACKSHUALLY from this article

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But they are very sorry! What charges? In reality, do you really think Kenosha will bring up any charges against them? Most that will come of this will be a traffic violation that'll likely get reduced down to some bullshit city ordinance with a fine of $250

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Yup. We live in the world where the media spins a racially motivated terrorist attack on white people as "SUV running over a parade". It's basically a world where there is nothing that they can't/won't spin. As long as it's some news, they will spin it as something anti Trump and the retards will eat it up. So they don't even have to believe that it's going to be damaging to Trump/helpful to them. That's shit of 10 years ago. This just has to be something, anything at all. It can be what Bannon ordered for lunch, and they will say that that's a sign of white supremacy and insurrection. Clown world no longer when describes the shithole that we live in today.

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Didn't know that database existed! Gonna go learn a bunch of cool new shit from it!

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What is a 57 year old midget doing in that photo second from the left?!

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Precisely, and that's why I think this is important. We're not talking about protecting some random bush in the middle of Africa. This was the backbone of western culture. We should give a shit about it.

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While the venting and shitposting is of the highest quality here, I think this place is more than that.

What I personally find best about this place are all the different news sources that none of us could go through individually. I know more about shit because of this place.

The memes here are a giant red pill dispensary to be liberally handed out to everyone in your life.

And clearly, some people are finding support here that they are not getting in their everyday lives.

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Are we sure this dude has a degree in economics? Someone should get it checked out. Cause he certainly didn't understand shit about it.

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Brandon has entered your neighborhood... lol... kekest of keks

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#1 based #2 why does this photo look like that episode of arrested development with all the Saddam doubles in it?

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I don't think we have the financial or military support to spare of course. But I think we can do better than thoughts and prayers.

We need to see the reality clearly that in 2021, we live in a global world and unfortunately it's a global battle.

I'm not gonna pretend to know everything, but there are certainly ways that we can help.

As I mentioned, it's a global effort and strategies and organization also needs to be on a global scale. Back before 1/6, a French pede posted here the lessons that they learned from the yellow vests protests. It was a very good, very insightful list of tactics, strategies and general knowledge. I think that's one example of how we can help. The intelligence gathering and sharing needs to be global.

That's more along the lines of what I think of as "support".

But you know, also even knowing that you are not alone in this helps. Look how many stories you see here of people finding the strength to resists vaxx mandates, or shitty family members just by knowing that there are others out there like them resisting. The globalist playbook is out. We know that they want to isolate us. They want us feeling like we're alone and crazy. But we're not alone, and we're not crazy. It might not be much, but knowing that there are people out there that support you and care for you can hopefully give people some strength to get through the dark times.

I hope this explains what I mean more clearly.

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The fact that our government, politicians, and all institutions are owned by China can only be more apparent if Biden told us that in Mandarin.

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I think this is a little bit more nuanced than we either give a shit about it or we do not. There is an area in between. I think to a certain extent, you are both right, and wrong at the same time.

I don't think we need to invade Paris to fix this. Notre Dame wokeness isn't directly gonna impact my price of gas, but we also can't be ignorant about the fact that this commie shit originated in French and German universities. While I don't really give much of a shit about some building across the ocean, we do however have an interest in not having a breeding ground for woke commie garbage to grow and spread from. So yeah, I agree, we have more pressing shit to deal with. But it also doesn't mean that we shouldn't care at all. We need to speak out about this, we need to raise awareness, and we need to support our French pedes that are also working to get their country back.

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Said it before, and I'll say it again: the Cucktholics are the biggest fucking pussies ever!

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