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The audits mean nothing. Just like the Durham investigation. And Huber.

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Tucker is controlled op. Posting his stupid shit does nothing. It's like reading Q posts.

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Kaboom? Kaboom what?

This fraud is so self-evident. For some reason pedes think jerking themselves off about the "kaboom" harsh tweets mean something. They mean nothing.

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It’s not mental gymnastics. It’s criminal fraud. Subversion of the United States.

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1776 was like 1/6 except with guns, slit throats, and dead faggots left to rot.

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Rand Paul is not based. Or an ally. He voted for Biden. So fuck off with your concern trolling.

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Pointing out there's a double standard is not calling out American Stasi.

OP is fan girl of Rand Paul.

Rand Paul voted to certify Biden, right?

Fuck him. Another grifter. His fucking wife is worried about a harrowing dystopian night and her damn husband voted for Biden.

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I disagree with Trump on this one. I DGAF if the shithole cities all burn to the ground and are overrun with hoodlums. The sooner the better.

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The OP headline is fake news hopium. She said the AZ Senate and House can decertify the election, not overturn the election results. Only a court can do that now.

Even in your wildest hopium dreams it wouldn't affect Biden being POTUS because these faggots in AZ already sent their electors who voted for Biden. What are they going to do? Call Pence and tell him not to count their electors? Pennsylvania sent a letter to Pence on 1/5 that was ignored.

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Exactly this. What happened on 1/6 in DC should have happened for sure in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and especially Georgia.

We lost because we're not as good as our enemy at what it takes to win. Except for Trump, our leadership is terrible from top to bottom. Our ground forces are willing but there is no leadership. The GOP and DNC is the same organization, like the National League and American League.

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There's another way that's codified in the laws of the United States.

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