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Start a screened, serious, matchmaking service, to serve people with your ideas.

Sort out by, "wants company, not ready for anything permy."

Then, "looking for something permy, but no kids for a good while. Kids someday, but not now."

Then, "looking for something permy, but no kids ever, it's just not my thing."

Then, "looking for the real deal, want to meet your parents, and want kids pretty soon. Not some day. Me. Kids. You. Permy. White dress. A home. A dynasty. A tribe. That's the goal, and now."

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"Why do people leave pennies on Franklin's grave? Visitors have been able to see Franklin's grave from Arch Street since 1858, when the church opened the burial ground's brick wall, and every year "hundreds of thousands of visitors toss pennies at the grave for good luck" as a nod to Franklin's adage, "a penny saved in a penny earned," according to the Christ Church."

He was the original "take care of yourself, advance yourself, don't hurt yourself, take responsibility for yourself, because nobody else is going to," man.

He was the savviest diplomat of modern times. He made it happen and got it done.

He was never president, but he's a big part of the reason you have one.

You will never go wrong reading his books.

If you have his portrait on your wall, you will never lose at anything. He never did. He died at 84 in his own bed.

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Yeah right, the knife can solve my problems.

The surgeon has become an exorcising priest, banishing our demons, because everybody knows he is the last one who can't fudge, who has to follow exact, rigorous, reality-based rules. There is no woke way to do surgery. HIM, we still trust.

"Maybe the purity of his rigor-bound honest knife will save us," we fantasize. "Bring us into the cult of the pure ones. We will belong, at last."


Horrible, idolatrous, nonsense.

Leads straight to human sacrifice, a very common practice in human history. Especially if the dying one had property somebody else was interested in getting.

You'd be better off with the talking snake in Genesis.

If you are going to believe things.

That's as good as anything else to believe, and older than the other things on offer to believe. He has stood the test of time, that talking snake. At least he knew a boy from a girl.

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Oh. I guess the Founders weren't so secular after all.

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Here is the text in easily readable type.

Read it aloud.

To others, if possible. All of it.

Memorize the first sentences.

What you memorize, nobody can take from you.


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Ah. You're smart.

"Remember in seventh grade when you were discussing the order of operations in math class and the teacher told you the catchy acronym, “PEMDAS” (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction) to help you remember? Memorable acronyms aren't the only way to memorize concepts."

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And to preserve Western Civ.

That's part of what we are doing.

It's all knitted together. You can't have one part without all the rest, it is a tissue.

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And guides his children. That too.

Some are walking by his side, some are clutching his leg, some are asking why cats die, and some are riding on his shoulders telling the others what's ahead in triumphant baby speech, because they can see further, being up there.

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Yeah that might be an idea. Yes. Get somebody to sponsor such a bill.

It SHOULD be "hate speech" to pick on whites.

The Supreme Court dismissed the concept of "hate speech" but nobody listened so yes, stick up for yourselves.

It's totally anti-free speech but as it is worth your job and your peace and your children's schooling to be anti-gay or anti-feminist or anti-trans, all of which are protected free speech, you might as well stick up for yourselves.

Goose, gander.

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Amen. That's home made bread. A fine painting.

A bread machine won't heat the house up, and you can have bread that way.

Or a stand mixer will make the dough, and it can then bake for an hour or two in a slow cooker. Also won't heat the house up.

If that's complicated, you can make flat bread for wraps in a hot cast-iron frying pan in minutes. No yeast. Total cave man bread. Everybody will be so impressed. The little balls of dough can spend tonight in the fridge and get fried tomorrow. A bottle will serve as a rolling pin if you don't have one. Eat these hot out of the pan. Would also cook up on a quite hot griddle.


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We need a Shakespeare dot win community.


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Public indecency is indeed still a crime, indecent exposure, corruption of a minor, all that, none of that has been repealed, it should be enforced.

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Human sacrifice, especially of children, is specifically forbidden in the Bible. That was because lots of people did it, so it had to be prohibited or it was going to continue to happen. It is an ancient and universal human tendency to do that. What could stave off bad events better than offering something as precious as your child? Yeah that's disgusting but that's human nature. All over. Unless forbidden,

The Bible does not prohibit walking on your hands, and it does not order you to drink water on a hot day, because who would need to be told those things. What it tells you to do, and not do, people would not do, or do, if not told.

What we see today as a free life as a right for the average person, not only an elite, is Bible derived and very recent.

Today religion, yours, needs all the friends it can get, because it is the only protection from the new world order. The new world order says, "why SHOULDN'T we perfect humans, subdue the quarrelsome ones, kill the unnecessary ones, and use the attractive ones for natural pleasures? Should not life be good? If there are too many people or some of them don't please us, why should we sit around and accept that, 'because G-d created them' when we have robots that can do their work, and think of the extra room and pleasure grounds, the natural beauty? WHO NEEDS these idiots?" That is what you are left with, without religion, and it had better not be the Aztec one, but the one of the Bible. With the Aztecs, you are going to find yourself lying on a pyramid with your beating heart piously and according to lots of formal rules, offered to the big eye in the pyramid. Oh wait.

The only answer all to that, with any coherence and force, is going to be a Bible derived religious response, of whatever flavor.

You believe in the goodness of man.

Some men are good, some bad, some in the middle, but what they do can't be left to their whims. They usually aren't. Rules arise. But what rules?

There are lots of rules: the cartels and gangs have plenty of rules of their own. But the Bible isn't in them.

I think you are not going to do well outside the Bible.

Corrupt clergy does not change that. They must be replaced, by some that actually care about and read, the Bible.

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I would say, and not being mad or hostile about it, that a moral-acting atheist, who is a nice person and doesn't bother anybody, is unaware he is piggy-backing on centuries of a religious past that has given him his character and his ideas.

He is benefiting from the hard belief-work of previous generations, but without being aware of it, because their hard work has formed the very air he breathes. In a cultural sense.

That's no crime.

But it is what it is. In a certain sense, he is not pulling his freight. He is not giving strength to the ideas that made him nice. They won't operate forever, if nobody gives them strength.

Others who live after him will pay, not him.

If a car runs out of gas, it will barrel down the road for a while, and you can't tell the tank is empty. It is running on momentum. It's like that.

Obviously, if nobody puts new fuel into it, in time, it has to slow, degrade, and stop. Momentum only lasts so long.

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