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I didn't say she said that. I said that was what she meant.

It's not about energy. Yes, under Trump, we were the world's premier energy exporter.

It was about having a worldwide presence.

Well that was a long time ago. Now it seems we have ceded more or less everything. Something to do with a Chinese base in Cuba?

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Pelosi meant that the US needs a non-muslim ally in that region and that isn't going to change. She was right. But Biden has been giving Israel indigestion from his first day. In spite of, or maybe because of, his Jewish cabinet.

There are plenty of lefty Jews who don't like Israel. Soros funds them hard. Biden's cabinet is full of them.

It's a real type, common. Unfortunately. They write, too.

Obama was not kindly toward Israel. Plenty of links.

And the Dept of State is its own planet unto itself, its own master, and has always been lefty, and, anti-Israel. They did this Liberty incident.

So, unfortunately, no, even mildly liberal Jews or others too, are not necessarily fond of Israel and can oppose it.

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Beh. Stupid position. Never look stupid.

Heat reduces male fertility.

No hot showers, only lukewarm, if you are trying for children. No tight underwear either.

Slow news day?

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Go away. His state is in crisis. Fix your own problems.

Nobody who did a crime with a gun ever got his gun through channels affected by any law.

Just as with drugs, laws only affect the law-abiding.

Drugs are against the law, so nobody uses them, right? Or just a few weirdos. In general there isn't much drug use, right?

Yeah, right.

Go away.

He's trying to be an interesting national figure, not just a local one. He wants to be president.

That is a terrible idea.

One of the nicest cities in the world, San Francisco, is falling apart, crumbling, on his watch. Absolutely nobody wants to go there. Or stay there, unless they are tied by the leg and can't leave.

Pet dogs literally die there from eating drug-laced human shit that is all over every street.

The bus drivers get sick from touching traces of drugs all over the buses.

The stores are closing, corporations leaving, conventions going anywhere else, crime everywhere, human shit all over. There is literally a map of where the shit is the thickest on the street.

Go away.

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"The reason for the recall remains unclear."

Uh.... setup.

Look at the wikipedia page, deep in the footnotes: the ship was not marked, and the Israelis had begged for a hotline to call if there was confusion, and were repeatedly denied one.

Wikipedia is known to lean left, not right. Left means anti-Israel. But yet this is in there, anyway.

The blood is on the hands of the Dept of State, not Israel.

The Dept of State has always been left-leaning and still is and always will be.

They wanted to put Israel in the wrong, and seem to have succeeded, as you post this.

All the Israelis saw was an unmarked spy ship sending their military information to the Egyptians.

They live there. They had nowhere to go back to.

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Military vehicles roam and range all over, all the time, for training, or who knows what.

Traffic lights go out for all kinds of reasons.

The air pollution is nasty, but is not related.

So no. The weirdness levels, though high, are not higher than last week.

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The usual: "The 10 worst cities for annual particle pollution include six in California and one each in Oregon, Alaska, Arizona, and Indiana."

Right now:


The whole region is smoky, not just New York.

"As of 9 p.m. Wednesday, the Philadelphia region is in the most hazardous air quality category.

A good portion of the area was upgraded from a "Code Purple" to a "Code Maroon." It's level six on a six-point scale."

"Parts of Allentown in the Lehigh Valley are also in a "Code Maroon," meaning "hazardous" level of air quality, according to AirNow.com

The Lehigh Valley now has the worst air quality out of all measured locations in the United States.

Parts of of New Jersey, including Burlington and Ocean Counties, along with Scranton and Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania are also among the worst."

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I am an Orthodox Jew, the whole nine yards.

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Maybe consider Uncle David's Dakota Dessert Squash. Said to be very cold hardy. Some make a bread out of it.

Tree Collard is cold hardy. That's a brassica.

Sugar Beet is cold hardy.

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If you mean Jews, the man, a close relative of mine, was a Jew.

He meant "the force of darkness, evil." Not any one man.

I personally think people just have a persistent strain of craziness, and religion, proper traditional religion, including yours, is the only answer.

Your word for that is "original sin." We call it "the evil inclination."

A pernicious idea is that men are sweety-pies in a state of nature. No, they are not. That goes back to Jean Jacques Rousseau, that idiot.

That man also said, on another occasion, "You can't zoologize people." There is a persistent attempt to view people as just another animal, that can be intelligently managed. Social engineering, trans-humanism, blah blah blah.

Well, no. They're not animals. They may be mammals but they aren't animals like any other.

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Does the kitchen floor get dirty again?

Eventually I suppose it must.

I was told, "When he comes again, we won't recognize him."

That was said well after WW II by a man who went ashore on the Tenth Day. Who was on Red Ball Highway. In a US uniform.

He didn't explain what he meant by "he."

I didn't ask. I knew. Evil. It seems to come back.

And no, we (well apart from this forum) don't recognize him.

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The problem in WW II was not imaginary.

They were in bare-bones but adequate housing, in the country. The children studied. The adults were bored and anxious.

No, in war, you often have no control over your own life. It is worse to lose the war, however.

I don't worship Roosevelt but he was right about this.

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They weren't being hurt in any way. Their property was protected. They eventually went home and were fine.

You can wave definitions but they knew that what they were doing was important to the war effort.

Which was squarely and realistically in their personal defense.

I also knew a woman who remembered being in New York City when every light had to be turned off in the entire city. They were afraid of being bombed. That was an earlier use of the word "blackout," before mere power failures.

She didn't mind either. That was also governmentally coerced.

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Excuse the caps.

But well uh!

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They were not concentration camps. They didn't love it but they got it.

They knew very well what awaited them if the Japanese won the war. They were willing to do a lot to make sure that did not happen, and the problem was real.

They would have been viewed as traitors to Japan, by Japan. Unpleasant things wold have happened to them if Japan won. If the Axix powers won.

The Japanese at that time were not famous for their kindly ideas.

I knew one, once. A guy. He said his family weren't mad. But they didn't love finding the samurai swords that they had buried in the garden gone, when they returned to their house.

Otherwise their property was untouched. And so were they.

It was a bore and a chore but there were much worse things going on then.

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Hurray for your cabbage.

Maybe try Honeyberry bush. That could be a similar taste. It is cold tolerant, zones 2-8.

For cold weather fruit, there is also Chicago Fig.

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"Citrus Companion Plants - You can plant edibles, such as dill, fennel, lemon balm, parsley, or flowers such as petunias and marigolds for a top-notch DEFENSE.

Legumes are good companions for citrus, as they help fix nitrogen in the ground, which will help your citrus tree grow strong."

In your line of lemons, have some of these too.

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A day after D-Day. You couldn't wait a week? We're still thinking about D-Day.

Of course it's true.

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