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Hey thats me! AMA about being ahead of you! :P

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I've been calling pedophiles (homosexuals, biden voters, jews) groomers ever since I heard of the idea.

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I forgot one of my posts got this many upvotes. I usually dont post on t_D, I'm more of a consoomproduct kinda guy.

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No, I often have to switch to another search engine to find simple things like if a store is open or not.

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Well the government is already watching. Day 0 compromises and all that fun stuff.

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eh, if I'm already not on every single secret list imaginable then I'm doing something wrong

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He looks like elija wood in this lmao

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lol, well this comment didn't age well

aged just fine

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That and all the people that recover from "brain death" kinda makes me believe thats just a bullshit cover they can use to take em whenever they want.

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They think that they will be the ones with the boot on our necks when they take over.

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Some of the memes about TD on consume product are correct.

muh based blakwhamen!

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Constructive criticism. Assume people are smart enough to know your intention behind the meme, less is more, and stick to the original format as close as possible. I would remove the last line of text as its unnecessary because your audience isn't a bunch of NPCs that need to be told how to interpret your meme, they'll get it. Also I don't like the added line in the eyebrows in the last panel. Just keep the traditional angry eyebrows, she doesnt look angry to me.

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Thanks for the compliments fren, but I'm more of a commenter than a poster. Feel free to make a post about it if you want to, I don't care.

I would tell you what exact search terms I used to get the pdf to show up too.... But I can't remember exactly what I searched. I can't get it to pop up again either. Whatever I did it was like the 3rd result. I know I used DDG. Brave search didn't work either. Interesting.

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Population Fact Check


Population estimate 5,895,908

Persons under 18 years, percent 21.8%

5,895,908 * 0.218 = 1,285,308

5,895,908 - 1,285,308 = 4,610,600

Voter Fact Check

Look what I found!


Page 2

Data from the August version of the Wisconsin Voter Roll and History export has been used to create this report. The file contains 7,098,448 separate voter records. According to World Population Review, the population of Wisconsin is currently approximately 5,852,490. Based upon these numbers, it seems probable that voters are never actually removed from the database, but rather a status field is used to set them to “Inactive”.

This is probably what the guy in the tweet means. He's not talking about Registered voters, but the total amount of people in the system.

Basically "voter registrations" =/= "Registered voters"

But I do agree with the tweeter anyways. They totally didn't just set as many people to "active" as they needed to win.

Note: I didn't read any further in the PDF than this.

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polite compliance brings results

The Canadians learned from our mistakes on Jan 6th. They're doing it better. More cameras. More aware of glow ops. Being happy and peaceful and cleaning everything.

Jamming the city up with semis is anything but compliance.

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You don't have to threaten people to do whats right to make change happen. "They" don't even have to really be involved at all. You can just completely ignore them and assume control.

Thats almost what the truckers are doing. I think this trucker thing will end with either them getting shot by the feds or the "truckers" completely taking over. Either way the truckers have put the government in a lose lose situation and serve as a good example of how much power we the people truly have.

We the people can occupy the capital a major western country and theres fuck all the government can do about it.

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It's training us to believe that anyone that is even thinking about what the left calls "direct action" needs to be doxxed, filmed, photographed, shared, stalked, chased down. Why?

Because by "direct action" you mean killing, violence. We literally do not need to be violent to take back power. Thats how powerful we truly are. All we have to do is just flex our willpower and take it back, assume control.

Like the truckers are doing.

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You think thats all thats going on? You can't play your little "hur durr no one will ever do anything we're all doomed" bullshit here. We have peacefully occupied the capital of a major western country.

But please, keep pretending like people aren't doing anything and will never do anything. It's hilarious to watch at this point.

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Really? Did you not listen to the whole video? The point of not being violent is to get the government, the fed, whatever you wanna call it, to show their hands and show how corrupt they are.

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