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They should stop lying its too obvious

by Vidura
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Yeah wrong paste sorry deleted will post again

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He said that it wasn't possible. If you are giving a secure machine without networking capabilities it shouldn't be there sitting disabled, it shouldn't be there at all.

Should be setup as an Airgap

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I feel your pain and didn't took it personally. Every minute it passes is some freedom we lose.

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We know, normies don't. It's called redpilling with evidence. Ovbiously MSM will not cover it, but you can help spreading it.

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Another common sterilization technique is Gamma radiation, noted by "Sterile R" on the package. It won't turn you into the Hulk.

That's a shame, really

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Maybe not everybody knows that. But thats a very good info, can you share how?

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Yes I'm aware of that and it's a real shame. Stay strong

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Im in India ivermectin is sold OTC here, I got COVID worst flu in my life, I had ivermectin just in case took for 5 days was 100% in 3 days, now I take once a week just for prophylaxis

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I feel you man, but we should consider lord Jesus Christ position, these people don't know what they are doing... If we only fight for ourselves and our families what values do we have? The most vulnerable of society should be protected, retarded people, and redpilled right? Nobody said it would be easy.

I'm a family person and I can feel the pain of loosing a loved one to a lie.

In the end the truth will prevail

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NO, this means accepting a rigged election. That can't happen, first fix the problem with the election fraud then talk.

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Well not that the tool is in position they have the excuse to exterminate them into oblivion, they are not useful anymore.

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Sikhism is the religion of warriors. ;)

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