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Doesn’t stop you from getting hassled.

At this point people should be beyond fed posting and moving into preparation. The time for words is at an end, and putting yourself on a list just undermines any anonymity you would have had.

The Bolsheviks aren’t going to stop at social media pressure. They’re only concern is their physical safety.

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You know I hope trump accuses them of peeing on his bed and implies that’s why they don’t want him to release his own set of piss tapes.

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It’s a pretty classic trick to add water to meat and other produce to get more per unit.

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Six oz raw and force injected in water and weighed frozen after being dipped in water.

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I’ve said it plenty. The right needs a war chief and not an economic president. It is a physical compulsion driving Bolsheviks to be authoritarian tyrants. The only thing that will stop their moral imperative is a bullet.

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People do not understand the war they are in.

If you are behind enemy lines, you need to engage in subversive tactics and attempt to gain access to inner circles so as to point the way for external folks through leaks.

Their entire game plan is predicated upon you having ethics and a moral compass. Wherein you discover wrong and report and out yourself, so that you can be isolated and removed.

Whereas if you remain silent, then it is much harder for you to be found out and your true loyalties.

I suspect a lot of boomers are going to find out the hard way about fifth gen war and how it is waged.

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You are DOA. They control all levers of power. You want to work within a system that has been coopted and is selectively applied. Your only path forward is to use your remaining levers of power left to counter them and to develop new.

In a nation wherein they steal the vote, the only power that you have is what they allow.

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Bud, this is the point. They purposefully lie, knowing that honest people will focus upon that and not do anything about it.

They know you know its a lie, and they sit back with bemusement as you go blue in the face trying to convince them of something that they already know. Do not bother with the anger over their lies.

Focus on them and their physical removal from the levers of power.

Tell your reps that they are liars and you want them removed.

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Blacks never vote Republican because they don’t vote, or rather their vote is stolen. They fail at every aspect of western culture but you really believe they turn out with rates commiserate with whites on Election Day?

No. The needle never moves because it’s Bolsheviks voting for them.

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Surely this is a sustainable system in which one side controls all levers of power and merely allows for the illusion of fairness, but cracks down ruthlessly when threatened.

Well Trump, I hope you realize you're backed into a corner now. Its either jail and ruin for you and your kin, or you come out swinging in '24 and start putting bolsheviks in body bags trial or no.

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just two more weeks until the bolsheviks are finally removed from office, right?

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a cargo container with barbed wire is easily defeated with a blanket and a ladder plus wire snips.

unless they're stacking them two deep. acetylene torch gets them through easily enough as well.

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Then how else do you explain this shit? Who exactly benefits from having a sea of sub 90 IQ immigrants washing up on our shores? From nations that have routinely fallen prey to communist revolution and in general are cowed by their governments?

How does this benefit White Americans? How does it benefit Black Americans?

Who is it that benefits from a generally ignorant sea of low skilled labor with high birth rates and high dependency on welfare?

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Who knows, maybe the original trials were just doing away with actual bitches, and historians through the years thought the claims of mind control and other sorcery was misinterpreted as witches.

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They have to leave the building at some point.

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I think we should be clear here in terminology.

The current coup we're seeing of our nation is largely driven by Bolshevism. Generally communist ideology. Extreme liberalization and predation of the host people for a select few of elite.

Nazism/fascism was a counter response to Bolshevism. In which it was the flip side of the coin. Violent repression of the elite in service to the German common man.

Nazis are literally the worst because it was the only ideology to have successfully removed bolsheviks from power prior to them looting a country for a few generations and then running it into the ground.

You should certainly check out what was happening in Weimar Germany and the lead up to the USSR. Because its happening here, and they've already picked the next batch of Kulaks. You had best believe that it will be Southern White Christians that become the scape goat.

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Its like being the only reasonable person at the Salem witch trials.

or the only one not going along with chicken little's bull shit.

Trump could probably actually call up the militia and shoot them all and we probably wouldn't believe a word of it even if we saw the video.

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can we make it a thing to throw bananas at feds.

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