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Why didn’t those morons just buy two tickets, reserved online, one for a different movie and one for black panther? Then they could have just walked in early, scanned their other ticket, then gone to see the movie. Clowns not experienced in 4D chess.

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If you actually read the entire case from both sides:

Case: Guy was here and correct applied for green card, went to register to vote, LIED, claimed he “was a citizen” in Georgia, then played dumb and said “I didn’t realize I lied and said I was a citizen”, the court denied his appeal for a green card, because he lied about being a citizen, leading to fast-tracked deportation.

Majority: He was able to apply for green card, but once he lied, he broke the law, and was no longer eligible, and had to be deported.

Dissent (specifically Gorsuch’s main point): The guy was here for 30 years, had kids who were legal residents, married to citizens, and was trying to do the right thing by applying for a green card, and he shouldn’t automatically be deported because he “might have not known he was lying”

Long story short, Gorsuch was arguing that nowhere in the law did it say that if you lied about being a citizen, whether unintentional or not, did it somehow “warrant” him being automatically denied and on the fast-track list to be deported.

I disagree with his sentiment — Majority was right, rightfully so. Doesn’t take an idiot to know that if someone is applying for a green card, if they’ve committed a crime, whether intentionally or not, they shouldn’t be eligible. People know damn well, especially someone here for 15+ years, that you need to be a citizen to vote. Fucking liar. Good riddance.

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Massie kinda a cuck but MTG is based

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LOL! Even if I get a 50% raise, I could barely afford to purchase a studio (investment property), not even comfortably. FUCK Joe Biden.

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This. 2 BREAKING for every 1 MEME

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Ur an idiot. There’s a reason why moderate voters didn’t turn out for Roy Moore.

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I reported that idiot hours ago for spreading blatant disinformation. And mods will drag their feet then say he’s not breaking the rules, just being a dumbass

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No, I just think you’re a moron who doesn’t know how to explain thinking that Trump is “controlled.” Weird to be on a Pro-Trump forum if you think that is the case. Sounds like cognitive dissonance to me. You simultaneously think he’s controlled, yet are here rallying for him and the America first movement? So you’re “pro-maga” and not voting for who the guy who started the maga movement is telling you to vote for? Uhhh… sorry… my IQ is lowering from entertaining your mental gymnastics. It’s past my bedtime!

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Here — let me reply better — “Wouldn’t they use Trump to control conservatives?” Uh, no? He’s not a politician, he ran against the deep state, and if you think he’s controlled, and that you don’t support him, let me know, so I can deport you, as apparently you think Trump is “controlled” and not acting on his own free will, whether listening to RINOs or not. He’s only human, but I trust him and his judgement over any other person we’ve got. If you’re not trusting him, who are you trusting? You don’t pick-and-choose whether you think he’s controlled or not. He either is, or isn’t. If you think he is, again, let me know, so I can deport.

But if you don’t think he’s controlled, and you just think he’s making a mistake by not endorsing her, sure, you’re entitled to think that, just as I am entitled to think there’s a REASON as to WHY he’s not endorsing her.

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I disagree. It’s tribal. There’s definitely fuckery going, psyops from both sides. They want the infighting.

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Trump could shoot a guy and I’d still vote for him. What forum do you think you are on? I don’t like that you’re assuming Trump is controlled, and then again, if so, what are you doing here?

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Did you just assume his sexual orientation?

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1 day old account, generated name + ### after it, 0 comments, tons of post karma posting a bunch of reused memes, I’ll take shill/bot account in the making for $500, Alex.

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And I’ll defend to the death your right to say that! MAGA!

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I literally said that he was lying about Kathy, in every single post. I just said she’s a grifter and we know nothing about her. She came out of nowhere, and isn’t endorsed by Trump. So I’m not voting for her. I’m assuming Trump is not controlled, or rather, at the end of the day, if Trump is controlled, we’re fucked anyway. So what do you have to lose?

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You’re thinking too small. You aren’t thinking big. There’s a reason why Trump controlled the world as president. His actions directly influence other nations, their citizens, their politics. Democrats goal is NWO, new normal, great reset. MAGA is Make America Great Again, which includes America First. America isn’t discriminatory based on where you are from, idiot. America is the system of ideals that the founding fathers said we have god-given rights as citizens of this country. Imagine if every country had our same system of governance.

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