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I like your story arc.

This odd timeline might find you and I side by side impaling these pseudo-liberal demoKKKrat Regressive Marxo-Fascists and turning them into road signs as warnings to marxists around the world.

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No. Because CUCKservatives only hate globalists and fake news until they find out which tribe are the globalists and propagandists. Then it's "muh chosens peoples" and suddenly globalism and fake news is okay again.


It's like the gay pride parades. CUCKservatives are against the gay pride festivals. But if you show them who funds all the parades, they attack you for showing them the truth. https://jewishfed.org/jewish-pride-fund

So CUCKservatives don't really want real solutions. They just want to love Jews while hating what Jews do. It's kind of like a beaten wife who loves her husband, she just hates the beatings. She'll keep going back to him though. That's the best analogy for the relationship CUCKservatives have with their anti-Christ Jew overlords.

Many on this website get emotionally upset with me pointing out these facts, but fail at actually "debunking" me or exonerating these demons.

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Name a corporate media company and I will tell you the names of the Jews who run it.

No downvotes. I'll just do the research and prove my point.

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She would make a sexy red-eyed Succubus

I especially like the Aryan earrings.

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DemoKKKrats founded the KKK

Joe Biden called a former KKK Leader his "mentor."

Hillary Clinton called a former KKK Leader her "mentor" and "friend."

Bill Clinton called J. William Fulbright, a segregationist, a mentor.

DemoKKKrats are KKK. Stop photoshopping demoKKKrat KKK behind pictures of Republicans.

You can get REAL PHOTOS, such as demoKKKrat BlackFace former Governor Northam standing next to his friends dressed up in KKK attire.

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She's a firecracker.

I will be proud to carry out the executions of Communists at her command.

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Send him crypto

Any fiat Federal Reserve Note JewBucks they'll confiscate from him.

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He was probably telling them everything he knew, which isn't much, because McCain was always a loudmouth fool.

I voted for Ron Paul in 2008.

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In 2014, he began working for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) as the voter expansion data director. One of his tasks at the DNC was the development of a computer application to help voters locate polling stations

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According to the Mueller Report, WikiLeaks had received an email containing an encrypted file named "wk dnc link I .txt.gpg" from the Guccifer 2.0 GRU persona on July 14, which was four days after Seth Rich died

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Yep. I remember the shredding companies showing up while the sheriff office was keeping observers away in Fulton County, GA in 2020.

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"There's no evidence of wide spread Voter Fraud" - DemoKKKrat in 2020

"COOOOoooooOooooOooo WOoooOooOoooo SHUN!!! COOO WOOO SHUN WIT DEEEeeeeeee WUSHUNS!!!!!!" - Also DemoKKKrat in 2016-2020

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They are still calculating how many late ballots the Post Office needs to deliver.

Dominion is busy running an algorithm to switch votes.

Also, cross referencing all the ballots with the eligible voter pool and then filling out ballots on behalf for those who have not voted yet takes time even with advanced computers with lots of processing power.

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John McCain was always a bitch.

A fuckup in the military

A fuckup of a politician

A fuckup of a father

He's burning in hell now in the eternal fire where he belongs. Where you're going, Meghan.

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