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“These rigorous scientific studies will improve our understanding of the potential effects of COVID-19 vaccines on menstruation, giving people who menstruate more information about what to expect after vaccination and potentially reducing vaccine hesitancy,” said NICHD Director Diana W. Bianchi, M.D.

So they aren’t trying to determine whether it is safe, but just “what to expect” after we force you to get it.

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Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything

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He is just saying prices have been skyrocketing for 18 months so be prepared.

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No no, your tax bill will go up 1,500 a month so that we can give you back 1,200 of it.

See! Government is helping you, now bow down and take the oath to the NWO.

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I think Montana is dark green. We passed a law that bans anyone from asking your vaccine status, government or business.

The only exception are nursing homes, and they can ask, but still cannot deny you if you refuse to answer.

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Fight, sue.

There is a doctor shortage. If enough get fired for refusing the vaccine, they will have to rehire or not meet the needs of the community.

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They limited the liability of the drug companies so if you are injured by the vaccine you are SOL.

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Montana is 88% white, and needs more diversity according to the white Californians moving here. 😂

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If you leave an inheritance, leave it in a trust to the grandson. Not her.

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I’m sorry, but financially supporting your daughter for 12 years, while never seeing her in another country is a recipe for disaster.

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Pepsi CEO was on Hillary’s election team in 2016. Pepsi is arguably worse both taste and politics.

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GTNP is beautiful. My favorite time is late september, early October.

I’ve visited many times.

We can’t let these rats steal our country.

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Correlation does not equal causation, and it’s been proven no one was paying those 90% tax rates they brag about in the 50’s.

We imported labor which stagnated wages. How do they not understand this causes reduced wages and buying power.

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