by Ryoten
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That's pretty cool

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Fitton has opened our eyes to a metric shit ton of things in the last several years. Just having the information he's found has been extremely valuable

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It makes me sick that I even entertain this line of thought, but you're not wrong. I'd have called you a friggin nutjob not even 2 years ago

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I do too, but they've done it before

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There are probably other possibilities, but those two are certainly in the realm of possibility

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I get where you're coming from, but I think it's important to cover the legitimate bases too. It's not unlike the importance of voting, even though we know the system is largely rigged.

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I think it's important that we take into account the possibility that they'll kill him.

"Losing" 2020 may have saved his life already.

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It's John Solomon. I don't trust any journo, but if I had to choose one to trust, he'd be on my very short list

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Kinda like AOC saying we just want to date her?

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Oh but you see, it's totes cool for men to have to live up to their traditional roles while women don't

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These days they're being trained to just blow the enemy

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Wouldn't count on it. We have shit like this on our annual "training" too.

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