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Not acting for fear of reprisal is a pussy ass bitch move.

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He was all those things. Maybe he still is. For one, I hope so. But let's keep our powder dry

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Hard disagree on the first part. If Trump didn't see him as a threat, he wouldn't bother

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Good question. I think it's to throw red meat at cultists that hang on his every word. What he doesn't understand is that the other nicknames worked because they were true. This one falls flat and makes zero sense. He attacks Desantis from a position of weakness because he rightly sees Ron as a threat

All he's doing is making an ass out of himself. He's not winning anyone over with this crap

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I hate this line of thinking. Trump isn't MAGA. He represents what we've been grumbling about and calling for for decades. He's our champion. Not our God.

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That's actually a really interesting take. Not sure I agree, but constitutionally speaking it's closer to it

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I love how he just laughed at the "point of order"

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You had me in the first half, not gonna lie lol

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No giant standing army anyway. A minimal one that can train up soldiers quickly in the event of war.

Practically speaking, you need a standing Navy and Air Force simply because you can't mass-produce ships and Gen 4/5 planes on a dime, nor train people to operate them quickly.

But I would argue that the standing army we most have to be concerned with is the three letter agencies that are essentially untouchable at this point.

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Good point. He's been shrewd about it and just worked the problem where he has the power to

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Actually it has been just that for quite some time. Fuck off with this crap. You wanna ban those of us who can critically think and criticize Trump when necessary? Go right ahead. Enjoy your echo chamber of cultists

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Great way to put it. Nice and pithy

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I'm not sure. I think certain batches of the jab had more issues than others

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