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Correction Mike Wallace, Not Chris Wallace

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His last cellmate died of Covid in Dec. 2020 and his butler developed cancer and died of “natural causes” within a few weeks of Epstein’s arrest

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Still alive, this what he’s currently up to-

He is on the Georgetown University Board of Regents and the boards of Boys and Girls Club, New York City Football Club, Students First and the University of Florida Foundation and is a trustee at the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.

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I saw some reporting from Whitney Webb that the painter victim, can’t remember her name right now, said that Ivana was friends with Maxwell

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This was from reportedly from the ‘90’s to early 00’s. There is another book out there that I haven’t looked through yet

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Agreed. A couple of entries though that caught my eye off the back.

Rob Rosenstein

Bobby Shriver- Listed as Special Olympics Producer 🤮

Geordie Greig- Names misspelled in the book but the address & phone number matches. Currently Chief editor of the Daily Mail

Correction: Wrote Geordie Greig Was the editor of New York Times, it was the the Daily Mail. My bad

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The source is scans made of the first black book uncovered.

I can’t remember the time frame off the top of my head for that one, but there is another floating around.

The Laura one I can’t speak to, haven’t had a chance to do a deep dive in to all the names. Going through it, cataloguing and organizing notes right now.

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I saw that it’s not that Mike Lee from what I could find. No records I could find in relation to that name he’s listed under. Worth a deeper dive, at work couldn’t check as deeply as I want to say anything definitive

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Part of this that cracks me up the most is that he was described as a tough-on-crime judge favorable prosecutors to get before trial, then it switched in the middle of the trial to being a favorable judge for defense lawyers to get.

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What program or site do you use to keep to resolution on the image so clean?

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Tried to play nice, agree to disagree & all that, really hoped it wouldn’t reach this point. The corporate press needs to pay for the damage they’ve wrought after all this is said and done. Hope things work out for you with your family.

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Gotta try. Got hung up on with the person saying something about “how deep you are in this Trumpism” after telling the person that Kyle stepped up to help when cops wouldn’t. Literally could hear Lester Fucking Holt playing in the background as the person is saying this. Corporate press needs to pay for the psychosis they’ve sown into people’s loved ones.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but if he dies and determine it was result vaporizing that commie’s bicep, they can try him again, because they didn’t charge him with that the first?

You think they’ll try?

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