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They'd do us a favor and also destroy the trust in their own community at once.

DO IT!!!!

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Sounds like stupid bullshit to me.

Greek food. Italian food. French food.

What the fuck kind of genius faggot said this?

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No ones going to read this but consider this...

Trump HAD to advocate and warp speed the vaccine. The original plan was to have these come out in 5 to 10 years after the economy is in absolute shatters. He had to hype the vaccine narrative. As for exposing the virus? He had no choice, if he downplayed it too much they'd just "prove him wrong" by releasing a truly deadly strain.

The only thing he could really do is also hype up therapeutics including cheap ones like hydroxy.

by wrmevlp
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Whether they do or don't the damage is already done by even considering it this seriously. Trump just won

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I've never understood why the deep state bothers with such a song and dance when they could just induce a heart attack on a 75 year old? (chill, not saying they should!)

My only explanation is that they actually are recoiling off Trump. He's their perfect boogie man and, while they don't want him to have power, he needs him around to scare their faggot flock into mobilizing against anything Trump.

If Trump died, all that work to make a boogieman would be lost and they'd need to scramble for another thing for the NPCs to direct all their life's energy into

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Remember when the algo glitched and the Donald was the front page for hours? So all the pedes posted his presidential photo nonstop and up voted it to the top

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Wow. Thanks this is actually a pretty smart take!

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From CommieGPT

If co2 is so bad for the environment, why do greenhouse growers buy co2 generators to double plant growth?

While it is true that plants need carbon dioxide (CO2) to grow, excessive levels of CO2 can have negative impacts on the environment and human health. Greenhouse growers may use CO2 generators to enhance plant growth, but these generators are typically used in controlled environments where the concentration of CO2 can be precisely monitored and adjusted.

In the atmosphere, increased levels of CO2 can contribute to global warming and climate change. This is because CO2 traps heat in the atmosphere, leading to rising temperatures and other environmental impacts such as changes in weather patterns, sea level rise, and more frequent and severe natural disasters.

Furthermore, while plants do benefit from higher levels of CO2 in terms of growth, they also require other factors like water, nutrients, and light to thrive. Additionally, the benefits of increased plant growth may be offset by other negative impacts of high CO2 levels on the environment.

Therefore, it is important to balance the benefits of enhanced plant growth with the potential negative impacts of increased CO2 levels on the environment and human health.

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Likely causing it directly behind the scenes. It's almost too perfect

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It's funny, but this is a very powerful meme

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I said immutable source code. I never said crypto is "real" in a physical sense, it still only has value because we give if value. But at least it's transparent in it's execution unlike fiat money, which is a big black box.

And you can very easily get tricked by fake gold or fake silver.

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How is that even an argument? Sure, crypto requires a working electrical landscape. In the incredibly unlikely event we go back to the darkages, my crypto not working is the last of my worries. Probably best, if you think that's a possibility, to then also invest in physical gold and silver too. But to think we're heading for the darkages and that's why you shouldn't take 1000% returns today, is stupid.

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I'll take the fake one with the immutable open source code

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I'm an OG I'm even an anon who got quoted in a Q post way back about North Korea

I'm pretty sure any debunking you throw at me is low grade vice level and you're inflated ego is due to picking on either newbies or casuals.

I'm absolutely convinced Q is/was the real deal

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