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If I have to choose between Hitler or communist. The choice is clear.

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It's so interesting how women gravitate towards man hating. So much so they created a sociological field in colleges and taught it to children.

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Look, just because he worked with Epstein flew on his plane and looks exactly like someone who I wouldn't want near little girls. Doesn't mean he fucks young girls. Just little boys

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I'm still reeling from the "inflation reduction act" you know the one we will have to pay for the rest of our fucking lives!!!!

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Guys should I tell him? Nahhh let him figure it out.

Pretty cool you're using the lingo it's like the whole how do you do fellow kids meme

Now tell me how do you feel about the jews?

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It's pretty late at night man. He must have problems peeing. I just have problems sleeping and laughing at shit like this.

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Agreed, it is very bad. A well organized, well funded, well trained force is not somthing to be scoffed at. LITERALLY all I said was they are afraid and why.

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Lol just cause I posted something doesn't mean it hurt my fee fees. This isn't reddit I personally crave disagreements with y'all

But come on man "conservativefrank" that's that low energy grey man shit of trying to blend in. I like how a new identity showed up with literally 3 posts defending him. That's even funnier in my book


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Never said he was wrong. But am I right as well? Honestly we should be far more focused on how we are millions than some doom fag.

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New account just made for extra demoralization pretty text book. ( Literally 3 posts in less than 10 min. )

Here's the issue fed boy. We're all waiting for that water shed moment. And it's going to hit both of us with suprise. Sadly you're hoping that it swings your way just to win the immediate game. Unfortunately if it does swing your way does your game doesn't end there. It will be a constant checking of your loyalty just like a KGB agent. Sure you scored the most points and won the game. But did you consider the grand scheme of things did you consider the game of games? Did you consider what life your child will have? Or were you to blinded by "Drumpf bad"? Is this a game you want to win?

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Guys.... if trump mentions he is running for president he has to abide by campaign funding laws. He can't say he is running even though we know.

For instance Denesh D'sauza (the guy who made 2,00 mules) went to prison for giving to much money in a campaign which wasn't that much

"In March 2012, D’SOUZA contributed $10,000 to the Senate campaign of Wendy Long on behalf of himself and his wife, agreeing in writing to attribute that contribution as $5,000 from his wife and $5,000 from him."

But as long as trump never mentions he is going to run people can give him money all day every day.

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Sadly, I hate to say this, what percentage of people who were involved with all the issues that caused the extreme reaction to create nazism were Jewish? The pornographers. the mother daughter brothels. the animal brothels.

How many Christians died during the holodamor before Hitler even rose to power? And how many Jewish individuals were involved with the rise, creation and funding of communism? When you find the numbers you get really sad.

I will say the orthodox jews go less far into the deep end than the secular ones but man you guys need to develop some better cultural technologies cause there is a a reason you keep getting ostracized, just saying.

Hint: stop mutilating baby penises.

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Never said we are winning just said we are millions.

Edit: I love how this conservative frank guy (perfectly crafted unoriginal glowing name btw) came in and became as toxic as possible just on the mere mention how large we are. Must be very afraid.

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Is this a gay role play fantasy?

"My what a decently sized flag pole you got there?" FBI agent 1

"I like how it's always ready, vigilant, I've decided to give up my faggot ways and be gay for you" -GBI agent2

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They are afraid. They might be well funded, well trained, and well organized. But we are millions.

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Ok could you change it to a shit post flair we are all about the truth no matter how ridiculous it seems so when shit like this happens we are set to believe it.

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I want you to be right. But then I want Alex Jones to be wrong....and here we are.

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This is probably far more likely. You're right. So it's worse than Watergate but it won't matter because things are (D)ifferent.

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I remember the time two white lesbos adopted some black kids and then took a trip down the california coast. The dykes then drugged the kids with benadryl and drove off a cliff.

They musta realized that their ultra woke ways really don't work. and two women with out a strong father figure, especially for black kids, are needed for raising children.

But, hey, instead of realizing they were wrong and admitting it. they just took some kids with them.

That's some fucked up shit and thats comming from a racist. I mean whats worse pointing out the differences on races and using that information to our advantage and using social shame to point out problems In hopes that they correct abhorrent behavior. Or killing a few niglets? Seriously wokies even by your own play book whose worse here?

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