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"showTest" is nothing more than debugging code. I always output to test files or variables whatever to make sure everything is working as I go along. Nothing nefarious there.

The 8 doses thing is just future-proofing, but it does raise an eyebrow..

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Do you know if they need a third union rep? Asking for a friend (me).

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oh nooo here comes epsilon variant everyone stay home and vote with our new website..

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Maybe the Soviet banking Czar who wants the fed to control the banking system?

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The MAC address is really just sort of a serial number for a LAN card and can be changed temporarily. A reboot or moving the card to a different PC will undo your changes.

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I can't speak for IPv6 since I don't have any practical experience with it, but my gut says Layer 2 info like MAC gets stripped before routing headers are applied. I guess they could be added to the header for some reason, but ARP handles that portion so it seems like a waste of header space. I'm going with a firm, "I don't know, but I don't think so."

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MAC is layer 2, so not an internet thing, just a LAN thing. You could block a MAC internal to the LAN but not anything that hits layer 3.

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This is the best theory.

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I literally watched Demolition Man yesterday. It gets better and better the deeper we go into Clown World.

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