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But of course. Hypocrisy is a FEATURE of Totalitarianism, not a bug.

It is intended that when giving out a benefit, the government will be as strict and narrow as possible, but when going after a citizen the government will be as broad and grasping as possible. Even to the point of not following their own definitions.

Indeed, I would be willing to bet that a citizen bringing a box of "Ghost Guns" in a state that disallows them would be turned away from the "no questions asked" buyback and then arrested and charged with possessing Ghost Guns immediately after leaving with them.

The point is OPPRESSION. Hypocrisy enables that.

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Incorrect. You absolutely can sell them under federal law. You just have to serialize them first, then, depending on the state you live in you can either have an FFL process the sale or just sell or give them away.

I look forward to the day we do away with all of the 20th century BS and just get back to making, swapping, carrying and having guns.

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They refused to pay the full $150 for them, and insisted on paying the "nonfunctional firearm" amount, despite the fact that he demonstrated using a .22 snap cap that they all WORKED.

Basically, the cops wanted to have their cake and eat it too.

The EVEN FUNNIER part that isn't covered in the story? The guy walked down the line and used the money to buy other GOOD guns off of other people who had been waiting hours and just wanted to go home. Guy got like 5-6 really nice rifles.

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Well I can point to one.

My wife. She's been a Librarian all her professional life.

She's also the only Librarian she knows who voted for Donald Trump and considers herself politically and socially Conservative.

It's a tough job for her. She is part of a larger Library system and as such has less control than other head Librarians in smaller libraries might. Also, almost all her staff are woke-tards and one in particular is really bad.

but she does what she can to use the rules against the wokies to cut their agenda off at the knees at her Library.

Sad to say it's the only one in the system where that happens.

But she's fighting the good fight.

Just wanted to let you know, there is at least one good person in Sodom.

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They are trying to hide it from parents for a few reasons:

  1. To not give away the grooming.
  2. To keep Parents from protesting.
  3. To keep themselves ALIVE.

This shit starts at my kid's school, there are gonna be dead teachers/school administrators.

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Same here. I remember that day. Awful.

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Or 3D print your own.

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Yes, Jewish people are involved. But so are many others.

It is stupid to just lay all the blame at the feet of Jews when we KNOW there are plenty of other flavors of human involved, more than there are the Yiddish flavor.

Honestly it smacks of a concerted effort to either turn this place into or to make it LOOK like a wanna-be Stormfront replacement.

That is NOT what we are, and NOT what we should allow ourselves to become.

Thank you to the mods for cleaning up the really blatant stuff.

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Just an ace bandage. Used to squash the growing breasts of a confused young girl against her chest muscles so they are less apparent.

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More than you know, fren. More than you know...

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I'm out of shape because I work a desk job, and have 3 disabled kids who, quite literally, exhaust me. Also, getting older. It's a losing battle.

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That redhead tho...

I might come out of the room for her...

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Honestly, I am of the impression that this was the entire POINT of Affirmative Action. That it was designed by people with the express intention of sowing racial division by promoting the undeserving to positions above their competence level.

Ultimately, it was an unnecessary program that purportedly attempted to "fix" a problem that was already well along the way to self-resolving. It is well past time to do away with it and everything like it and go to a pure merit-only system.

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So basically, the modern American Navy has become as bureaucratic, ill-trained, incapable and bloated as the pre-WW2 Navy?

Why am I not surprised?

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True. But then, an MRAP would also fall to one of those. MAYBE not if it had the additional consumable ceramic kinetic armor plates strapped to it and the rocket hit those. But otherwise, APCs are intended to defend against small arms fire. Not anti-tank munitions. A WW2 Sherman is roughly equivalent in armor capability to a modern APC. (Although certainly not in personnel carrying capacity, speed or mobility)

I would be amazed if the Dutch police force has anti-tank capabilities.

In order to bring anti-tank weapons to bear, the Dutch parliament would have to authorize turning their own troops against the citizenry.

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About 1/2 inch thick Ar500 steel. Mild steel, at least an inch if not more.

Might be easier to coat it in ceramic plates or an inch of uhmwpe plastic.

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People have been paying too much attention to them, and realizing that the Globohomo plan has been in place for a LONG time.

Looks like they decided it was time to send a team out to destroy them.

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A Sherman, if the pic I saw was accurate and not a "representative stock photo".

Not all that useful against modern armor, but easily as good as a modern APC. (If a bit harder to drive and somewhat underpowered) Especially if loaded with HE shells.

It will be ironic if, once again, Sherman tanks are defending the free world from tyranny.

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We did have one guy in Buffalo Horns.

A guy with Bear Arms and a dude in an Indian headdress would have rounded that out nicely.

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True. We get lots of glowies and doomers. That's why it is so important to take stock of how far we have come and to rejoice in our victories as make our own long march through the institutions.

Politics is the easy one. Smashing the left's hold on education, entertainment, medicine and other institutions will be harder.

But the battle has already begun and we are winning.

So, keep your eyes on the prize and don't let the fedbois and lefty agitators distract and dishearten you.

We will win.

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