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You missed him sniffing the cocaine off of the ground afterwards again. Second day in a row.

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Additives to the food perhaps you could say.

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Should've put him snorting cocaine off of the ground afterwards.

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Ukraine is the best idea yet. Use Biden's corruption money to fund it along with all of the other inside traders in Washington.

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So, Nuremberg includes the media, got it lets move on now since we know this already.

Collect the data and let's get the ball rolling please.

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So, he's grifting for clicks as usual as Ian Miles does on this site?

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I said true real American's, you know the ones here legally, not the prison convict immigrants you're talking about.

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Say's the programming yes, reality is different though.

We're all just being replaced in reality and Black folk see it as do other true Americans whatever, ethnicity they may fall under.

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I really do hope we have some good people left in charge in this country because if not, we're in trouble.

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Just more race war bating from the Elite rich. The minute we see that and move past it, it's over for them.

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