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Funny, I used to hear that line on the radio all the time, but the video on MTV (remember when MTV actually played videos?) eliminated the entire second verse containing it. You could see versions with the verse included, but not on MTV.

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At least you still get to see your kids. Even though my ex was described as "somewhat unstable" by the judge, along with explicitly noting that she had no way to materially support our daughter, she got full legal custody. I got child support and five years of alimony.

Oh, she also abused me for sixteen years until I literally fled for my life. My daughter was around four at the time, and I haven't seen her since. My ex lied to the court about me, claiming I was a danger to her development. When I tried to pick my daughter up for visitation, my ex called the cops, who were more than happy to treat me like shit and tell me that the judge's divorce decree (a copy of which I had on me at the time) was no longer valid, and I needed to get a new judge's order to allow me to see my child.

Meanwhile, that cunt has been abusing my daughter for the last fourteen years, and I haven't been able to do a fucking thing about it. I recently got a link to a Zoom call regarding her IEP (she has autism like her father), and several comments her teachers were (to me) blatant signs of a very low self-esteem, the result of her mother's abuse. And I'm helpless to do anything about it.

TL;DR cherish the time you have with your kids.

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I keep mentioning this, and everyone here keeps ignoring me. You will only have yourself to blame when the jackboots bash your door in with forced injections.

Roe v. Wade isn't just about abortion. It is about the right to medical privacy. It's about protecting doctor-patient confidentiality. It's about keeping the government from dictating how your doctor treats you.

Do you get that last part? Roe v. Wade stands between you and federal vaxx mandates. Overturning it will allow Congress to legislate medical treatments like injections, sterilizations, brain surgery, etc.

If you really want to end abortion, start promoting SENSIBLE sex education. I'm not talking about porn for kindergarteners; I'm talking about not lying to our kids. When your toddler asks where babies come from, you answer with "Mommies and daddies." If they press for details, tell them it's complicated grown-up stuff, and you promise to tell them all about it when they're older. Then, once they've hit puberty and are ready to learn, teach them about everything, including all the stuff you don't like. Saturate them with information so there's no mystique or taboo around sex. Instill in them the morality you want, and explain why it's the right way to be. Doing that will enable your children to make responsible choices when they're adults.

Abstinence-only education only leads to more unwanted pregnancies. So does lying to your kids. If YOU don't make a big deal about it, your kids won't either.

Finally, as a side note to all the racists (not judging) on here: the majority of abortions happen within the black community. I would think you'd support their ability to not add to the welfare state.

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Here's an interesting way to spend a few minutes:

Check out all the old films Disney has remade or plans to remake. Look for main characters who are white, red-headed, and female. Then, look at how they change that character in the remake.

TL;DR -- gingers are being excised in favor of their anagram.

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Wait, that's Christopher Titus?

Back when he had his sitcom, I saw one of his stand-up specials, and he was pretty funny. In reference to gun control, he joked that gun ownership should be made mandatory, because it would make conflict resolution much easier.

The first season of the sitcom was funny, too, but mostly because of the Titus-Dad relationship. When the Dad died (in RL and on the show), it tanked.

I guess he decided to suck the Hollywood cock.

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That being a gun store owner automatically makes you so evil, your wife would rather kill herself and your kids than remain in the same world as you.

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Tatoos aren't a big problem for me, but that's probably because I have my own large tattoos. Thing is, some people get really beautiful and artistic work done, but even bad tattoos require an investment of time and pain. It says something about the woman's strength that she's willing to endure it.

The thing that absolutely turns me off is (are?) breast implants. They always look fake, they feel like plastic bags, and unless you're a mastectomy survivor they're completely unnecessary. At least tattoos have a centuries-old history and a certain element of artistry. Fake tits are mutilation, nothing more.

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Nick Rekieta of the Rekieta Law YouTube channel (the guy who went full-on coverage of the Rittenhouse trial) has said if he can find an audio feed, he would stream it live. That's the best you can do, unfortunately.

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This cunt once told a female audience member to lie to her boyfriend about taking birth control so she could get pregnant without his consent.

I hope she suffers.

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So, looking at this simply:

Human lives are finite. Therefore, everything humans do is finite, including their sin. Any sin humans commit is finite. Therefore, a valid punishment must also be finite.

God's punishment for finite sins is infinite. That is unjust, unfair, and wrong. God is touted to be a fair and just "judge" of our lives after we die, but the very existence of eternal punishment belies that position.

Nothing about God (of any variety) makes sense. The only reason you believe in God is someone else told you to.

God is not needed for morality. Especially not the God of Abraham; he's a fucking monster. Want proof you can be moral without God? Japan. The Christian population of Japan is around 1-2%, but they have some of the lowest crime rates in the world. Their society is collectivist, meaning that social harmony is the main governor of behavior, not fear of Hell. Japanese generally shun actions that disrupt other people's peace. "The nail that sticks out gets hammered" is a common expression. As a whole, they are always mindful of the effect they have on others.

Christians feel the opposite. They do whatever they want, confident in their righteousness. "I'm going to Heaven, so fuck you." is a common attitude, despite the fact that the Bible preaches against it. Frankly, the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) have some of the most hypocritical followers in the world. They judge; they sin; they indulge their worldly appetites, all while condemning everyone else around them for their sins.

I've never seen a Buddhist monk riding in his personal Gulfstream.

So, have fun in your delusional arrogance. When I finally gave up God entirely, my life improved. I became more empathetic to my fellow humans, because I truly understood just how precious our lives are. This is the only piece of existence you're ever going to experience; stop wasting it on millennia-old fairy tales.

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These things cannot be explained. It’s created by design

This is a logical fallacy called Argument from Incredulity. It means that, if you can't believe it, it must not be true. It is false reasoning.

Thousands of years ago, we didn't understand disease. We thought sickness was God's wrath. Now we know about bacteria and viruses. What was once "unexplainable" has been explained, making God smaller. This is known as The God of the Gaps, i.e. God only exists within our gaps of understanding. As those gaps close, there's less and less room for God.

You prove nothing outside your own lack of understanding.

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Back in the 70's, the feminists ran rampant over the family court system. They lobbied for all sorts of policy changes under the guise of "protecting women." The Violence Against Women Act was drafted during this time.

They created the idea that ALL domestic violence is the fault of men. They conducted studies to prove it, and when the numbers showed that women are just as violent as men, the pressured the scientists to fudge the numbers. When that didn't work, they buried the study, which is why you never hear about it.

The Duluth Model is the default policy for jurisdictions all over the country. It states that domestic violence is a gendered crime. All men are perpetrators, and all perpetrators are men. All women are victims, and all victims are women. This is an absolute definition and is independent of actual events. Which means: a man hits a woman, and the man goes to jail; a woman hits a man, and the man goes to jail.

Family courts define the "family unit" as "mother + child." Fathers don't legally exist any more. Any vindictive woman can weaponize the court system against her ex. They can file a restraining order with zero evidence or a hearing; the dad just gets arrested when he goes to pick up his kid.

I filed for divorce from my violent, abusive psychopath of a wife after sixteen years of hell. I described the relationship in court. She was given full legal custody of my daughter (who has autism), and I was ordered to pay five years of alimony on top of child support. She immediately used her power as sole legal guardian to cut me out of my daughter's life. She lied to the court and said I was a "danger to her special needs child's development."

This is one of the biggest reasons fewer and fewer men are getting married or even dating. Feminism has ruined women.

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stay safe pede's.

I was driving 65 down the street

No comment.

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Japan's society is collectivist, which is diametrically opposed to American individualism. They are not politically or economically collectivist, as their thriving capitalist economy attests. It is their social collectivism that allows a fried chicken cart to go unmolested.

There's a downside to it, however. "The nail that sticks out gets hammered" is a common expression in Japan. People in general are loathe to attract attention or break from their rigid social norms. This has led, among other things, to the "hikkomori" phenomenon, in which people (usually men) completely withdraw from society, becoming virtual hermits. Open discussion of mental health issues remains difficult because of the rigid social protocols.

On the other hand, America's individualism has gone too far in the other direction. The social consequences of one's actions are disregarded, and anyone who points them out is labeled an Istaphobe. The ease with which people can organize shoplifting junkets in CA shows how little Americans care about the chaos they foment with their behavior.

We need to find a proper balance between individualism and collectivism. Be your own person, do your own thing, but never forget the effect you have on the people around you. Is that really so difficult?

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This is because of the system, folks.

In order to decertify the election, the state legislature needs to pass a vote. Currently, there are two people in (I believe) the Senate who will not vote to decertify. Without that, nothing the AG does will accomplish anything. Charges can be filed, arrests can be made, but the election will remain validated regardless.

We need the state legislature to act. They're the only ones with the power to do anything.

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The Rittenhouse trial showed just what a bad idea this is.

Trials used to be held in the public square, not even in a building. They were and always should be public events.

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The problem isn't black people. It's black culture.

A black person raised in a family that loves and cares for them will develop empathy towards other people. One raised amid abuse and poverty, while constantly being told that their misery is because of white people, will not.

If someone is born into that atmosphere with mental illness, they don't receive treatment, because that's for white people. They're allowed to fester, running rampant until they kill themselves or someone else, after which white people get blamed. See George Floyd for a perfect example.

There's also the widespread belief in that black people are meant to be poor and stupid. A black person who tries to better himself by studying, working, and abiding by the law is insulted as not "truly" black. They're called "oreo" (black outside, white inside), "dark white," and "wanna-be." In black culture, the only avenues for success are athlete, entertainer, and criminal. In other words, being empathetic is "selling out."

A video that made the rounds recently showed a black man in his 30's railing against this attitude. He claimed that other black people told him white people wouldn't let him become a doctor. If everything is racist, he says, why does he have two medical degrees and is in charge of a department full of white people? He could see the problems, but he didn't give in to them. He didn't participate in the culture, and he was successful as a result.

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Get it fast before whoever owns the rights to The Muppets files a copyright claim.

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Here is a perfect example of why so many people think Kyle Rittenhouse shot black people.

The media coverage never mentioned the race of those who were shot. They have been doing that for black people for so long, everyone just assumes that "no race" equals "black."

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Why he did it is no mystery. They created a Rorschach test for the jury, then did their best to convince them to see what they wanted them to see.

It's all about provocation. If the jurors believe Kyle pointed his rifle at someone (which he didn't, as clearly seen in the high-res footage), they can nullify his self-defense claim.

As for why any prosecutor would lie, that's also easy. They seek victory, not justice. They run for re-election on a "tough on crime" stance, and they need numbers to bolster their position.

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"Three shots and a chaser" would work way better. I mean, you can't have a "chaser" first; what's it going to chase?

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Clifton Duncan is a giga-chad. He's appeared on the podcast "Friday Night Tights" on the Nerdrotic YouTube channel. Now, I'm not gay in the least, but that is a gorgeous man. A viewer asked him to sing Happy Birthday to his girlfriend, and Duncan's rendition had every pair of panties in earshot soaking wet. AND he's based as hell, even referring to himself (an actor) as an "adult pretender."

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