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Roman? 🤣

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That's a man baby

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Ion cannon ready!

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"Russians could be here," she thought. I've never been outside my globohomo city before. There could be Russians anywhere. The cool stale oxygen in her mask felt good against her five o'clock shadow. "I hate Russians," she thought. It's Raining Men reverberated in her headset, making her balls pulsate even as the NATO approved estrogen circulated through her clogged, vaxed veins and washed away her (merited) fear of Russians in her airspace. "With a plane, you can suicide wherever you want," she said to xirself, out loud.

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U.S. Department of State

Defining Anti-Semitism


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The ADL has just confirmed it for 2021 - once again far right, White extremists are the single most peaceful and law-abiding demographic in America.

Research has shown that about 11% of the US population agrees with White nationalist and right-wing views. That's 36 million people.

According to the ADL, amongst that 36 million people, there were 29 -- 29! -- murders in 2021.

So White nationalists and right-wing extremists committed 0.000801326333% of all murders in 2021.

(And of course even the ADL admits that number includes mostly non-ideological murders - prison fights, domestic disputes, etc.

So thanks, ADL. We know that 13% of the population does 53% of violent crime, and now we know that 11% of the population do 0.000801326333%.

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Played some role in the media-op for the Boston Marathon bombing ✅ Ran Planned Parenthood ✅ Helped with the fake pandemic scam ✅

At every opportunity, this demon has played some role that has been bad for America.

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Brain Prions Confirmed - Dont Worry I'm sure the jab spikes are different

Be Jabbaroo Spikes confirmed toxic Jab designed to create same spikes only all over your body including the brain 40% rise in all cause mortality right after the shots are rolled out Take experimental shot 4 times

Science says natural wuflu gives you alzheimer's (you are here)

Get Alzheimer's prions from the jab within 3 years Biden says every hospital bed in america will be filled with Alzheimer's patients

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