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Masked faggots. These Fudds probably want to ban "assault weapons". This is cringe as fuck. Shame on op.

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What is the likely win for the lawsuit? Money or something? Just curious....

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Come on, is he not doing what we want him to do here? Sure he fucked up, but hes listening to us and saying what we are saying. Let's not demonize something that is correct.

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It won't pass... Just like everything the GOP does, it means nothing. The doctors should be put against a wall now, not in 20 years

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I feel so disgusted and hurt by this... Feel powerless and like we have no hope. This is probably the single worst gut punch since the stolen election. This takes all anti-commie wind out of sails for the midterms... It's just so devastating, I've lost all hope when we can't even fix our own corrupt GOP... None of these traitors are even up for re-election, so what do we do? Someone help me feel better.

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States with strong parties that are conservative should start immediately recalling these faggot turncoats. Texas, do your job

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There is no reason to go after the one Governor doing everything we are demanding the GOP to do... Handshake. Fucking shill.

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I seriously don't care. I don't have time to do that. I would like to buy factory ammo as I am allowed to do under 2A. Recommending reloading is giving into the absurdity of factory ammo bans.

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I fucking hate the stupid reloaders that act like everyone should be a stupid fucking Fudd and reload ammo... We don't want to reload. We don't care that you do. We want to buy what we have the right to buy.

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Seriously shut the fuck up. That's a lazy fucking statement. Do you seriously think most Americans have the ability to do this? Fucking reloaders make me sick how they constantly have to tell everyone about it... We don't fucking care.

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Yes that's all they did. The article literally said it. Pathetic.

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They wrote a fucking letter to Biden? Seriously that's it? He's fucking mentally retarded. A letter?! Fml

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You boating accident faggots are the worst. Fucking Fudd losers.

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Ok that is better, but I really recommend using online dealers and I get all my shit nearly at wholesale being smart.... I hate gun shows with a passion. Sending out sides money to Fudd grifters and Chinese sweat shops makes me sick.

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Probably the dumbest thing I've read all day. Those are a fucking hobby... Not actually practical for any sort of effective defense of family or country. Buy a nice semi auto rifle and get trained on how to use it. FUDD

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Don't buy a fucking thing at a gun show..Jesus people.... Those are fudd rip off hell holes. Use reputable online dealers. Primary Arms, MidwayUSA, Rooftop Defense, Big Tex Ordinance, Etc etc.... You'll save thousands vs the fucking Chinese shit at gun shows.

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