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Then lock him up. Peoples grandmas are in jail. Everyone knows that guy is a fed

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I never considered taking it. More financially pressured by the government to take it. I’m religiously exempt from all their bullshit now. Science is their religion and Christianity is mine

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They get tossed around and the cops are allowed to shove them. If black people cared about an even this controversial then it would be crazy. And out of control. George Floyd is is not nearly as controversial. It’s the equivalent in libs views as reversing slavery

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They will either let her go or kill her. They don’t put up with that shit in Russia

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Give you Ukraine more money. How is this even an argument. Zelensky doesn’t even have to fly an American flag….do a gay rainbow one and it’s done. Oh yeah she hates American and gays

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I wanna see Zelensky waving a big gay rainbow flag. Until he doesn’t then I say no more money.

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We are winning right now.

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