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Well I was specifically talking about the American ones that say that cause I don’t live anywhere else. I’ve only ever heard it from American rappers and dumbass American Twitter users.

But yes you’re right.

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A halt would be nice. We are full speed in reverse and he’s attaching jet engines to that

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Surprised Biden accidentally declaring it isn’t on that list

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Probably about buttsecks

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It’s an option at Publix. It’s not at Walmart. Publix has plenty of cashier and a self check out lane.

Walmart has one slow retard cashier rivaling Biden in incompetency and a giant self checkout lane.

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I hope they have 16 cent coupons everywhere

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Plus you have to be your own cashier and bagger at Walmart and god forbid you buy alcohol and have to wait 20 minutes for the one employee on staff to check your ID

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That’s what happens when you get retard brain from the Vax. Or already had retard brain and that’s why you got the vax

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No he’s insinuating food prices will skyrocket even more than they already have so buy now so you don’t have to later.

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