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Just bought from them last week. Got it in two days. 🙄

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Yup. They keep extending it or whatever.


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Buy online man. Those vape shops have a 300% or more up charge. They wanted 90$ for a nice mod cart. Went online and found it for 30

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That’s why i adopted the scuba Steve setup and carry around two oxygen tanks on my back wherever I go

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Seriously. Real nurses don’t have time for that shit. Whether it’s working 60 hr weeks or choreographing their next tick tac toe dance, they’re too busy

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This is wut happens when you let the government make decisions for you 🙄 fucking retards

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You haven’t learned to see bad ones. If you’re down to the fucking pixel level, it’s not that bad. Might not be perfect but it’s passable

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It’s actually quite a good photoshop. But the G in age is a different font than the rest of the G’s is what proved it for me

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Ok I’m calling you a pedo

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Cause it’s funny

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Meh. China has 4-5 times the population we have. Mao has successfully destroyed any culture they used to have. The reason they don’t attack the world now is they are an unimaginative bunch. Everything they have they stole and we let them. There’s a reason why “made in China” shit breaks in less than a year. They aren’t very good at anything but stealing.

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Fellow rider here. I have 3 gopros including the latest one. Even if that eagle flew directly in front of you, you wouldn’t have been able to see it on camera lol. If that’s the only reason you want one, save your cash for bike upgrades or safety gear, otherwise they’re only good for capturing traffic related incidents or general riding footage.

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