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Uniform? I could have sworn it was Utah, but now I can't find any evidence of this. Did I hop dimensions again? I hate it when that happens.

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Yes, but it doesn't matter who's killing who. Right wing death squads or communist gulags, that 1/3 will let it happen, because they're selfish losers who would be fine with absolutely anything as long as they personally are not affected.

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Almost everyone I know is outwardly centrist or slightly left, inwardly farther and farther right as the days go on.

People say they agree with the establishment because they know what would happen if they don't. But they actually hate the left and the useful idiots that comprise it. I'm hearing people say shit that I never thought would come out of their mouths, but only in private, and only because they trust me. Out in public it's back to "yes I love diversity and LGBT kids, tolerance is wonderful, praise be to Our Democracy".

The few true leftists I know are browbeaten empty shells who've given up and are just voting blue because they've convinced themselves that they won't be exterminated as long as they demonstrate their loyalty frequently enough. Safety over dignity. They're abused dogs shaped like humans.

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The text on the front of the tube itself is no help, and as far as I can tell they don't show the back. "Extra herb" is a literal translation here.

Knowing Japan, it's most likely an unspecific herbal flavor. Probably close to herbal tea.

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99.9% is also the survival rate of the flu, which has been killing tens of thousands, sometimes over a hundred thousand, Americans every year.

The sick and weak die. It's sad but that's just how it is.

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Yes. It's a reference to Hillary Clinton calling Trump supporters centipedes or something. I don't really get it myself.

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Taking the red pill has been one of the most isolating things I've ever done. There is nobody in my life I can share my thoughts with. I don't hang out with normies and I certainly don't hang out with leftists, but even mainstream conservatives would be have a visceral fear reaction to most of the things I've learned over the years. I can speak freely to no one I know.

I can understand why people would choose to maintain willful ignorance. It's safer, it's easier, and makes life more fun. I often wish I could unlearn what I know and live the way the average person does. But I can't, so the only way forward is to learn even more. Maybe one day I'll learn how to fix all of this.

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All sites are "IP loggers". If you go to a site, that admin knows your IP. No exceptions.

Always use a VPN. Turn it on and never turn it off.

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And healthy adults don't covert to the church of Fauci just before dying of a disease that only kills .05% of people out infects, but that doesn't stop the news from lying about it.

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If you live in a blue district, the best thing you can do is move if you have the ability. You don't even have to move far. Generally 10-15 minutes is all it takes.

No more tax dollars for blue cities. No more tax dollars for blue counties. Fewer people in their district on the census. Plus when the cities fall, and they will fall, you'll be safe.

If you're unwilling to make the "sacrifice" of driving an additional 15 minutes to work in order to stop directly financing people who want you and your family dead, you shouldn't be surprised when they come for you.

Even better, stop working in blue areas. Stop buying things in blue areas. Buy local, live local. Anything you can do to stop funding globalism and the progressive establishment. Even if it's just a little bit.

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The only reason I didn't watch this movie was because of lebron. And I never will. I have a feeling a lot of people are in the same boat as me.

Refusing to financially support your enemies is a mandatory act.

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I am not legally allowed to respond to you in the way I would like, so instead I'll just drop a completely unrelated quote that I think sounds nice.

The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.

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This right here is why I totally distrust the left even though I don't really trust the right either.

When the left wants to convince me that hospitals are overrun with dying 20 year olds, how do they do it? They post selfies of themselves in empty rooms saying "trust me bro" or they post fanciful stories without a shred of evidence. They hire actors to pose in hospital beds to "start a conversation".

When the right wants to convince me that covid isn't really a big deal and the vaccine is a scam, how do they do it? They post screenshots of medical results. They post statistics. Hard numbers. They take the left's stories and directly disprove them.

What thinking person wouldn't believe the right at this point?

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They made the mistake of assuming the world isn't populated by unthinking NPCs who simply do whatever their programming tells them to.

In a world of sentient beings, if Party A encouraged billions of dollars of property damage and enabled murderers for a year straight, Party A would be lucky to be granted exile. Instead, they got installed to positions of power everywhere across the country and dominate our culture, our government, and our institutions.

I fully, without a hint of irony, believe that we're living on a planet mostly inhabited by soulless facsimiles of human beings. Maybe one in five of them is actually a human. At most.

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>be young
>be unvaxxed
>have a wife who's unvaxxed
>wife doesn't want to take it because she's worried about rushed, untested "medicine" making her sterile or worse
>realize I might be married to the mitochondrial eve of all white people in the distant future

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That's a demoralization campaign designed to make you think that the sterilization of white America is complete. That it's all over so you shouldn't even try.

Check out this graph using data straight from the CDC. White people are actually slightly less likely to be vaxxed, proportionally. And if you look at the past 14 days, fewer and fewer white people are getting it, but blacks and Hispanics are getting it at an increasing rate.

I don't know if the vaccine is actually designed to sterilize you (I think it will, but entirely by accident), but this lie that only white people are getting the shot is obviously intended to demoralize. Why else would they say it?

They know you think it's a biological weapon, so they're telling you that the genocide has already happened and it's too late.

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I have security cameras because I know I'm not a character in a spy novel and the government isn't watching my every move. You know how I know? Because my moves don't matter. What are they, sitting there watching me mow my lawn? Are they watching at the edge of their seat as I walk to and from my garage? If they're really that bored, I feel bad for them.

You're not as important as you think you are. As long as you keep paying taxes and don't question authority like a good little resource unit, the government doesn't give a shit what you do. They certainly don't feel compelled to watch you every second of every day like The Truman Show.

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Wow, it's Angry Crying Wojak Wearing Smug Mask! It's such an honor to meet you! I love your memes.

Seriously though you need some fucking powerful meds if being told to stop watching football makes you this mad. Stop being a sports cuck.

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That's not actually true. It sounds high, but that's the average. Has been forever.

That said, you'd have to be crazy to get this shot if you ever plan on having kids again. The risks are just too high and the benefit is next to nothing.

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I am 100% against the "vaccine", but this is misleading. The contaminant itself hasn't been linked to any human cases of cancer. It may be in the future, but as of yet it's purely hypothetical. Its carcinogenic priorities have only been inferred from testing on rats. It's not like hundreds of thousands of people were getting cancer and it all being memory holed.

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the coup

Tell your boss to rewrite your scripts. Only leftist cultists call it a coup.

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Meanwhile the federal government is openly expressing disdain for white people and calling, in no uncertain terms, for there to be less of them whenever possible.

Caring about being called a meanie bo beanie is for losers, and is exactly why the right is losing on every front. There's nothing more pathetic that seeing a grown-ass adult reduced to going "n-no i'm not racist i have lots of black friends" instead of fighting back while the left destroys everything they have.

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They hated him because he told the truth.

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