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Your position under communism is face down in a ditch.

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I am deeply concerned that the strike will end sooner rather than never.

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That’s been the GOP playbook for a while. They hit you up for donations when they’re the minority-party loyal opposition promising to “stop the socialist left bla bla bla,” but if they manage to gain any majority their first priority is to lose it. It’s all a masquerade.

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The government will forbid gas-powered cars, but it’s not because they want EVs to sell. They just want people out of cars completely. Don’t need a car in your 15-minute city, and if you are approved for longer travel you can take a train, comrade.

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You can substitute “not” for “trans” and get the same meaning. A trans woman is a not woman, so he is a man.

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Grown men shouldn’t act like this.

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What’s up with the left side of his face? Look when he turns and waddles off stage.

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There may be some straw stuffed in there because he’s propped up like the Scarecrow.

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Same here. I was fine with live and let live, but that creates a vacuum of sorts, and nature abhors a vacuum. Enter the freak parade.

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I think that was a damning with faint praise comment. Nice in Barr’s case meaning weak.

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