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I'd say we are the most morally corrupt and degenerate nation on earth. China doesn't go around the globe spreading homosexuality, transgenderism ans self hate

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To the last Ukrainian. Ura

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Yea Reagan bringing millions of illegals was Chinese communists. Bush killing our children in wars for Israel was Chinese communists. Your children cutting their genitals off is Chinese communists. The right wing in america gets laughed at because of shit like this. You're no different than the leftists crying about nazis that don't exists. This is getting ridiculous

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Fucking boomers got scammed for half a century crying about the soviet union while Goldman and shekelstein whored out your children to the third world. You people hold us back so much it's not even funny. The only hope the USA has to reverse this degeneracy will come when the last brainwashed boomers finally dies

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I don't care one bit about China, the CCP, Iran, Russia or anyone else boomers tell me to hate and fear. None of them turned our nation from an actual paradise into a Weimar hell. Communists didn't gut our industry and factories and turned us into mindless consumers. Communists didn't own the media and banks that turn our children into disgusting transgender science experiments. Wake up already.

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God forbid elon or Jordan peterstein call out the particular group of people driving the world Into a globohomo shithole. It's probably dumb limbtards and commies that will be defeated with hyper individualism and capitalism!

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Law enforcement, the justice system, media, banking and government only exist to humiliate and slaughter white people

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Hope the cops go bankrupt

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Fuck off boomers. I won't Hate Iran, Russia or China no matter how much you shill. None of them turned my country into a transgender shit hole.

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At this point I'm sure sane Americans would welcome a Chinese invasion. Who would defend this country? Parents of transgender children who need their protection from the police? Every institution exists to humiliated and degrade us.

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What rights do we have in 2023? If you mention who owns the media and banks you get your livelihood taken from you by police. If you object to your kids being given synthetic hormones and having their genitals cut off the same police come and arrest you for child abuse. What has our second amendment kept from happening? Total tyranny? Government doesn't need total control when the media and institutions turn your family against you

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Republican party exists to keep you Hating China and Russia while the banks and media gut our nation from the inside. They haven't said a single word about transgender mutilation of kids or rampant degeneracy. Expect a few more years of them telling you it's the hypocrite libtards faults

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Didn't this WEF globohomo shill try to dox someone in a car yesterday? How short are your attention spans ? When you defend your children you get the cops called on you and arrested. When musk does it he has an army of bootlickers to help him out. How long are we gonna get fucked and humiliated by billionaires until we wake up?

by k-doe1
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We don't care. Why doesn't elon say anything about the child friendly drag shows ?

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Boomers don't say a word when our children get raped brainwashed and mutilated. When it's one of musk's it's an outrage !

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Don't try to reason with these musk cocksuckers

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Elon musk hasn't sacrificed a single thing for the people of USA. his only goal with Twitter is to make more money off of a rotting population.

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He loves to get rich off of us

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