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A black male walked up to a white male on the Q train this morning and shot him in the chest, killing him. The witness described everything on the NYC subreddit. They deleted his description. He is still at large.

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It sucks but I'm happy this is happening. We need a humbling and purge of many

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I said the same last week. Gas finally hit 5$ here and people are driving like President Trump is still in office. This collapse is going to be spectacular

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I live on the northeast coast, right now we are having a heatwave and it's 3,000% humidity. It's so bad you can't breathe. Without AC or water to run through, it's a death sentence.

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Why didn't they recommend Birkenstocks? Thats a proper orthopedic shoe with support for the arches and will help release the facscia tension?

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My close friend is Irish, he just had a baby with his wife who is half Japanese. The baby is beyond beautiful! Omg so in love!

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As a black women it's really weird for me to see all the interacial couples. I feel like there is so much dysfunction in the black community that they date and have kids with whites to get back at black people or to one up other blacks. It really makes me cringe when a white woman has a half black baby and the father isn't around. Or when I see young, pretty white girls with ghetto black boys. Like where did you go wrong that you wound up there? I'm black and won't date thugs, why would you?

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I do, I'm homesteading in NYC but I'm 42 and black, not sure if I'm past the cutoff.

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I'm black american and just posted the same thing.

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I'm black and this is beautiful to see. A large beautiful, pure family.

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And you'd do it again!!!

Fuck these assholes

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Both. These rats have made their way to my once white Irish neighborhood in the Bronx. They piss in front of my building, lay on the sidewalks, leave trash on the curb, blast music til 6am and then have the audacity to be arrogant about it. I want them all dead

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I harvested my first spinach leaves this morning. Grew them from a seed, in a pot on my roof. Had to fight the aphids but I won. It was so satisfying to have spinach with my omelet this morning.

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I've been saying this for years but I was called a doomer here. Your Sunday Gunday won't save you.when the feds are at your door it's too late.

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AMAZING it's always a white man. Every single one of them.

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Too many straight people engage in degenerate sex. When half the population is having sex with any and everyone without protection this is where we land.

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Yup. Just like NYC when people started getting fired for not taking the jab, they only care because now it affects them directly. These are the same folks that cheered and got off on crucifying and discriminating against Trump supporters and anyone not in their leftist cult. You reap what you sow

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For me, it's not about the money. It's about the BLATANT slap in the face to the American people. In the same day they can approve 40bil to a foreign country but say no to 48bil for US citizens. We are in a very abusive relationship and our partner (the US govt) is cheating on us, publicly, humiliating us and threatens is with physical abuse if we stand up for ourselves. It's enraging.

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I'm risking legal trouble by existing and having wrong think. Is everyone asleep? This is not a game, this is life and death

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FACTS. Now that shit is hitting the fan we see that MANY men are weak, soy beta fags. They are cowards and have a victim mentality. They expect someone else to save them. The border is wide open in Texas and not one texan is standing there shooting these invaders. NOT ONE. They will post their guns and talk tough but it's all cap. I'm in NYC, one woman and single handedly fighting them with a sock full of rusted truck bolts. My best friend is now pissed and he is going after these roaches as well. But the children on here will post frog memes and think they are doing something and try to shit on anyone with common sense and courage. I can't wait for the purge.

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No I don't. Border is wide the fuck open and Texans are too pussy to stop it. But muh Sunday Gunday. Bunch of larping betas

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