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Hey now, always remember: happy wife, happy life.

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They will do nothing but makes promises they won’t keep and don’t have to keep.

Then you’ll vote for them in 18 months to “to make sure someone worse doesn’t win!”

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Dude was epic until he got pushed out.

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A mask would reduce your oxygen intake, so you would need more breaths to make up for the lack of volume

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No it doesn’t.

Operation Trust was a government program that was aimed at defusing the opposition while the Soviet Union grew its roots.


MUCR kept the monarchist general Alexander Kutepov (Александр Кутепов) from active actions, as he was convinced to wait for the development of internal anti-Bolshevik forces. Kutepov had previously believed in militant action as a solution to the Soviet occupation, and had formed the "combat organization", a militant splinter from the Russian All-Military Union (Russian: Русский Обще-Воинский Союз, Russkiy ObshcheVoinskiy Soyuz) led by General Baron Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel.[4] Kutepov also created the Inner Line as a counter-intelligence organization to prevent Bolshevik penetrations. It caused the Cheka some problems but was not overly successful.


Trust the plan faggot.

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I bought new and my payments totaled less than your used payments.

2017 chevy equinox 35,000 = 535 a month (paid off two years ago)

2019 chevy silverado 2500hd = 612 a month (hoping to pay it off this spring.)

I did trades, supplier discounts, military discount and demanded special rebates to get down that low. Worked out great.

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A little girl is dead because her parr are fools.

But you are celebrating it so that makes you a monster.

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Nah, I've seen pics of this truck before.

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To be fair it went better for him than it did for the BLM idiots in Oklahoma

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Generally people are not upset yet. The superbowl is the big thing right now.

The reason they are covering up the Hamilin thing is not for us. It’s so the players don’t quit.

They all got the shot and several boosters, if they figure out it’s going to kill them on the field enough will walk away.

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884 upvotes later prove your opinion doesn’t matter.

While you’re still a faggot.

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If you have the money

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