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Looks like it starts in 2 hours

Sidebar says 4PM ET

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Ronna Romney McDaniel sucks ass. Deep state cuck. She needed to be replaced yesterday. People like you who simp for bad endorsements/RINOs just because Trump endorsed them are worse than cancer.

fights hard

LMFAO. Ronna didn't fight shit when they stole it. At least Dhillon and Lindell called out the fraud. Harmeet or Lindell would definitely be an upgrade over Ronna.

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Why is he talking about windmills?

Talk about what the plan is to fix 2020 and 2022. Without that, there is no 2024.

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TRUMP - "We hired some incredible people [in the administration]."

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All RINOs are losers. Lindsey Graham is a faggot.

I want only MAGA, no RINOs.

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he should apologize for hosting graham at the rally. graham is a RINO faggot.

by wrmevlp
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Does he not get it? We don't have real elections anymore.

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Yep. All the MSM stopped covering him a long time ago. Even Fox doesn't cover it.

Only outlets there are RSBN, OAN, and maybe Newsmax.

Which is why I always find it funny when he points to the back and bashes the "fake news media" while the crowd boos...the only people left back there these days are conservative media anyways. Outlets like CNN/Fox don't show up.

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Congratulations to Ronna McDaniel on her big WIN as RNC CHAIR. Now we have to STOP THE DEMOCRATS FROM CHEATING IN ELECTIONS!


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You used to call the J6 protestors “chimps who punched cops and destroyed AP/CNN cameras”, Anaconda.

Sit down and shut up.

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He should have endorsed the MAGA challengers. Not endorsing is just as bad.

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He didn’t endorse the MAGA candidates either, which he should have.

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That’s besides the point. Endorsing anyone other than Lindell or Dhillon is a tacit endorsement of the incumbent. He should have endorsed against her. Not endorsing is probably even worse.

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I’d say that’s still weak sauce.

He should’ve endorsed Dillon or Lindell.

Ronna is deep state. No reason not to endorse against her.

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Trump endorsed her according to a poster below.

He handpicked her to be RNC chair after he won in 2016. She’s been there ever since.

Trump didn’t endorse either Lindell or Dhillon.

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President Trump handpicked Ronna Romney in 2017 to be RNC chair. He said he “liked her” this year. Perhaps Trump wants her to be the RNC chair. He didn’t endorse Lindell or Harmeet Dhillon against her.

Trump said Ronna was very strong during the steal.

EDIT — President Trump just put out a statement congratulating Ronna on her “big win”.


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