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According to Pete booty-leg, electricity comes from magic pixie dust and fairy farts 🙄

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Spray fart spray right through the arm hole, then see how long they keep those ridiculous things on!🤣🤷🏼‍♀️

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Lol yep we honestly do it to ourselves because we want to look cute. My husband tells me he doesn’t need me to dress up for him and that he prefers no clothes anyways 😂 we ladies tend to overthink what guys want lol

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🤣🤣yep for us ladies it's either an underwire digging into the underboob or some underwear creating a mega front and back wedgie 😂

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Today is a sad day indeed; our resident troll is no more. Dear anaconda, you were an asshole but you were our asshole, may your socks forever fall into your shoes and your underwear crawl up your ass.😂 plays taps

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Artificial estrogen plus a male appetite equals gaining a shit ton of weight. The obvious mental problems exacerbated by his crazy parents doesn't help either I'm sure. He'll end up killing himself in a couple years and his parents will blame society but not themselves like they should.

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That part about black kids being bullied by white kids is bullshit. I went to a majority white school with only a few black kids and they were never bullied. One guy was our star football player and was treated like a God. He eventually made it to the super bowl but fucked his own life up by being a dip shit. Dude had everything handed to him his whole life and decided to throw away millions to be a criminal. If you mess up in life it's on you not on your skin color, your wealth or any kind of supposed "oppression".

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At this point, I don't care if the bubonic plague was rapidly spreading, I still wouldn't trust any vaccines from big pharma

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People need to mind their own damn business. If I'm not wearing a mask (spoiler: I'm not) and you don't like it well that's why God gave you a neck- use it to look away!

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My morning tea, my husband, my dog and my bow

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I hope her parents leave their whole estate to the family dog lol

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I knew a tattoo artist that had one leg covered in ugly stupid tattoos, when I asked him about it he said that it was his "stupid leg". He would practice on that leg and let his buddies do weird/ugly tattoos on it. These creatures whole bodies are "stupid legs"😂

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Stolen? Lol no, this land was bought with the blood,sweat and tears of our ancestors. It wasn't just "taken" without a fight like air Jordan's during a blm riot😂

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OK well I don't know any of the back story(besides what's in the video). You also can't use a self defense claim over an incident from days prior. I'm not taking any sides in this story because all I know is what's in the video. No matter what the real victim is the kid who's dad is now dead.

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Yeah there really is. This one is going to be a complicated case imo

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Idk what to think of this one tbh. The guy should have left but it sounds like they had his son. The shooter backed up to shoot and wasn't being attacked at the time he shot. TX has castle doctrine but idk if this falls under that or not. I guess we'll see if he's charged or not.

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Yeah I try to get along with everyone too, unfortunately some people want confrontation and that's when I nope out of the situation the best way I can.

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Yeah I definitely try to stay out of the bad parts of town now. Drugs are getting pretty bad here so you just never know if someone is just an ass or if they're hopped upon something.

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I was 23 and this was my first real job. He was literally screaming at me and called me a bitch. I owed him neither an answer nor any attention. I did have a lighter but he wasn't getting it after calling me a bitch. Now if he had asked me like a normal person I would have abliged but I wasn't going to acknowledge him when he started the conversation like someone raised in a barn.

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Yeah I’ve had something vaguely similar happen to me before. I was leaving work one day and as I came out the door I was looking at my phone and heard a loud male voice holler “hey bitch! You got a lighter?!". I looked up and see a large black guy making his way across the street. I tried ignoring him and it took everything I had not to be a smart ass to him as he started to follow me. I went around the building and went back into the building to find a security guard. I finally found one and asked him to walk me to my car. The black guy was still across the street screaming obscenities at me but he didn't follow me this time after he saw I was with the security guard. I quit not too long after that because my workplace was in a bad part of town and being a munchkin sized female I didn't feel safe working there anymore. Idk what it is about black dudes and small women but it's like they're obsessed with us and when you let them know you're not interested they get VERY angry. I now conceal carry everywhere I go..

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Lmao they’re getting lit up in the comments too!🤣

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Yep grew up in a trailer park and while we did have a couple druggie/trouble maker neighbors, we never had any shoot outs or real serious crime. The worse thing that happened was one of the boys in the park tombstoned another boy and gave him a head injury. He was fine( eventually) but the parents got into it a few times over the situation.

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