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That's a position I sympathize with, but I think we're stuck with needing government if only to counter other governments.

Right now, our biggest problem is that our government isn't ours. If that changes and it becomes ours, we will see it in another light.

But if we get rid of it, we'll have no way to counter the Chinese government doing weird shit.

by steveh7
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TBH, we really want to diversify our media. Putting all eggs in one basket is a mistake we need to stop making.

When Fox news went down in or around september of 2020, this should have been a massive red flag. It wasn't. Then we got fraud.

But they showed their hand when they told newt not to talk about soros. That was our only big TV channel. We can do without it, and it was never perfect, but still.

All egg in one basket is a massive mistake.

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Never forget depression is part of the goal of propaganda.

That's why they keep it coming. To black pill you.

Best thing you can do if you have people like that, is ask them questions. "Conspiracy theory? Doesn't that just mean 'crime allegation?' Are you saying crime doesn't happen?"

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And... if he does get it, he needs to take the bull by the horns and clean up federal law enforcement.

Economy? We know he's good. International diplomacy? Also awesome. Domestic justice? Needs work.

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I agree. Supporting him isn't my purpose, rather it's the level of flip out when someone doesn't toe the party line that I'm commenting on.

And the use of the word "unsafe." A democrat says something, so obviously everyone is going to go on a murder spree. Because murdering haters need permission from second rate democrat comedians.

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Link includes a tweet at Oswald. "Implying that your friend of 34 years, Dave Chappelle, doesn't want trans people to live safely in the world is pretty fucking gross on your part,"

These people and their "Unsafe" thing is so retarded.

Like, seriously, do they think that there's a bunch of red neck Maga hat wearing haters who are waiting........... for DAVE CHAPPELLE........ to give them permission to go out and murder all of them?

Seriously, I'm sure every neonazi in their imaginary world tunes in to black comedians every were "Yes, ve shall force all Ze degenerates to conform mit de plan, soon as ve obtain permission from negro comedians! It vill be glorious!"

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Lot of people don't know what to do with a rifle out at range. There's instructors out there of course, but it's much easier to find pistol training at a city range then rifle training in general. You need all that space, and for many even if you get a chance it's a big production to get there.

A shotgun and a revolver will do most people well enough for most things that might be a danger.

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Don't fall into the idea that it is inevitable. Though I grant it seems so.

Rather look at it as a mess we will eventually be called on to clean up, but the sewer main break is still, at present, under pressure. But anything that can break can be fixed.

After we clean up, we will need to install safeguards to prevent it happening again.

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I like the idea of the joke, but you and I both know they worship all things labeled science that comes out of a left wing mouthpiece.

"Don't Take the Jab! Trump did warp speed!"" "Yes Master!" "Trump is gone and we're making money, Take ten jabs!" "Yes master!"

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I ran into an actual soyjak science worshipper the other day. I had poked a hole in a big ego and a 'science' fan boy came running to give me a lecture.

No matter how familiar you are with them, it still jumps out at you when they perfectly fit the meme.

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The same people who can't figure out that "Conspiracy theory" just means "Crime allegation."

"Ermagerd, you guys and yer conspiracy theories. People with power doing crime just doesn't happen. Shheesh. Also Trump is a master criminal."

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The left is on an ego trip. You believe what you are told and get to pretend you are smart and superior.

IF you ever admit you're wrong, the ego trip turns off, and it's all you've got. That's too much pain, so just keep going.

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Too many can rip you up as bad as cigarettes. Enjoy but only occasionally.

Sigmund Freud lost half his face to cigars. Not kidding. They cut off half his face.

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It's thought by some that war horses were called destrier as a variation/corruption of dexter and the meaning was 'leads with the right.' because a line of cavalry wanted their horses to all start with the same foot.

And that by training the horses to always start with the right foot, the rhythm of motion was more predictable to the man riding, which was greatly to his benefit.

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I can't prove anything here, but let me logic this.

If you were a nasty government, who has a history of killing it's own people, you might develop bioweapons right? And if you weren't, you might still develop bio weapons so you have bioweapon experts in case bioweapons are ever used on you by another government.

So good or bad, if you have a big government, you have a bioweapons program.

Now, let's say you are developing these. You're going to have a bunch of techs overseen by an officer. Officer is going to meet with intelligence, (maybe is intel himself but still meetings.

They are going to come up with scenarios where bioweapons get used. Every army has nerds who just think up weird situations so the army has a plan in advance.

With me so far?

Okay, you're working scenarios. The best get passed down to the doctors and techies, and they are told to make something for that setup.

What kind of set up would bio weapons be good for, and what would you want in each set up?

Well, you might want something super lethal, but which burns itself out really fast. If it burns out because it kills most people it hits before they can spread if more then a little, you have an effective weapon that won't blow back on you.

You might want a bug that is just like that, but sticks around to kill even more people. That one is much more dangerious, because it could take your nation out as well, so it's either a MAD weapon or a first strike weapon that you pair with shutting down entry to your state. Big event weapon.

And last, you might want a bioweapon that isn't that lethal, but scares everyone. That wouldn't kill many, and you wouldn't loose much of your own population if you released it at home. It would however, be long lasting. That way what you get isn't a crazy high death count, but a lot of chaos, which you can exploit. As it's your weapon, you'll have a pretty good idea of the incubation time, and how long it'll stay in the population.

And let's say you released to time it's peak somewhere close on to the elections of your biggest geopolitical rival.... when the first guy to stand up to you in 50 years is running for reelection.

Crazy? You tell me.

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I don't mean anything in specific. I'm saying that a lot of good people did something good and got in some kind of serious trouble because of something they didn't know about.

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It's a damn good idea, but if you do this, talk to a lawyer first, because the liability issues could bite you in the ass like a million rats if you don't.

Not saying don't. Saying DO IT but watch your step.

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There's so much fake shit in the world that no one would know real shit anymore if they got it.

Edit: I don't want to sound blackpilled, and that does, but I do want to point out it's a thing. Like, seriously, we know the dance. The evidence comes out, they call it fake, and nothing happens. We don't have a next step. We need a next step. Anyone got ideas?

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Okay, actually let me follow up on that.

The big picture is humans have animal drives. Every civilization has had ways to channels those drives into directions that make them less destructive, but the drives themselves are so powerful you can't fix them with a lecture now and then.

You have to have the setup of most of your civilization dedicated to dealing with them. BIG ROADBLOCKS and BIG DETOURS.

What we see now, is what happens when people don't have their drives channeled because the left undermined the traditions that were solutions to these problems.

They called everyone old fuddy duddies and "Traditionalist-stick-in-the-mud" and then unlocked everything and now everyone is running amuck and they don't see themselves until they are old enough the hot blood cools, and then they flip out that no one helped them when they needed it.

And the real truth is that even before the left did all that, civilizations were only partly successful in controlling human drives, because even Ben Franklin was known as a whoremonger and a member of the Hellfire club. So we go back hundreds of years we're still going to see bad behavior and lots of it.

There is no time in history in which people weren't have a ton of sex. If everything went right they were having it with someone they were married to.

So the left killing our traditional institutions has led to a flood of crazy, but it's not even like the institutions were water tight to begin with. It's the difference between a very leaky submarine and a sub with the hatches open.

But traditional marriage, and also some things we think of as kind of ugly like arranged marriage and the like DID channel people's sex drives into a more productive direction. Also the lack of abortion, almost any birth control, and the bad way unwed mothers ended up added up to a major fear motive for a fair number of women which helped keep them under control...

But that's several things coming together to create that environment.

Add shotgun marriages where the 'baby came early' on the margins.

But we also had a lot of infant mortality and death in child-birth and marriages that ended up abusive or toxic because people got married too young so they could have sex, or were forced to marry because they had sex and spent the rest of their lives waiting to die so they could get out from the situation they were stuck in.

It was hardly perfect, but it was better then this shit.

So why not condoms? Because people hate them. See them as taking all the fun out of it so they just take the risk and go because the internal push to chase sex as its so powerful and controlling it isn't something you can do with a PSA.

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You can say it's not an excuse, and it isn't, it's much more than an excuse. it's a reason. And it'll stay a reason.

Condoms are like telling a crackhead to make do with a beer, it glosses over the whole thing with an easy answer that only appeals to people who aren't involved. A hand wave solution that everyone actually involved ignores.

And I don't want that to come off as if I think it's a good thing, It's damn sure not a good thing, but the take away is this is not the solution you are looking for. Real solutions require getting down in the mud and getting honest answers from the people you are trying to reach.

If you want to change the whole machine, it's not going to be done with an 'easy' answer.

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Because condoms suck. Bill Gates awhile back was offering some crazy prize money amount to any team who could invent a condom or something like a condom that people would actually wear.

I get this, because in my younger days I was a bit of a fool for women and I was lucky I didn't catch anything. Seriously lucky. Sweated a bit when I finally got tested. Looking back, wasn't worth it, but at the time I was blind to anything else.

Ended up with a lot of damaged women who damaged me in return, and I went on to damage others, who are doubtlessly off damaging someone else. Like we were all pinballs in a big machine hitting each other without knowing what we were doing.

A lot of human behavior is like that. While you're in the moment you have no perspective, or if you do you don't have the will to change course. Later you are "Holy shit!? I did what?"

But on topic, condoms are garbage, and that's why there have been many attempts to redesign the things so people don't hate them. So far none have worked out enough that we've heard about it.

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I usually wouldn't agree with such a statement, but I do today.

Additionally, I hope he lives to be very old in prison. Because if there's an afterlife with fire in it, eternity won't by much reduced by 50 years, and if there isn't such an thing, we'll have done what we can to make the pain endure.

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