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They won't invade. A war with China would mostly be them trying to take out our navy so they can fuck with their neighbors and bully the world for more money. Trying to actually get all the way across the Pacific with ground troops would be silly.

They might go after Japan.

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It doesn't matter if it's illegal. It matters that it fucked everyone in the nation.

Laws are just rules that were written down because we wanted to stop behavior that was bad. When law turns against the people it is there to serve it no longer has a purpose and it isn't morally right to take it into consideration.

Law isn't an end in itself. The safety, freedom, and prosperity of the people is what matters.

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Facebook was largely better programed. Credit where it's due, it was a solid platform before it went all 1984.

Lot of good programmers are hard left. Might want to explain to them why their politics are fucking stupid in programing language if you can.

"Yeah, it doesn't have a USB port but I identify as it having one and that's just as good right?

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Technically "cries at the CORRECT pronoun," but I get what she's saying.

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Meh. I know a lot of people think so, but about 75% of "open" satanists are really just atheist trolls.

Secret satanists? I can't say. Some see them everywhere, but it could just be over indulged crooked thieving assholes who like to fuck whatever it's forbidden to fuck.

Which honestly is enough reason to hate'em, with or without an active satan hotline.

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What they do is to virtue signal. Standing around 'demonstrating correct/approved thought."

It's about ego masturbation. If you could take away the dopamine of them standing up and saying "Look at me, I'm not like everyone else, I'm GOOD!" you could kill leftism in a week.

Heck, even God hates people who virtue signal. (And I'm not even religious.)

Matt 6:5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.

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I'm not even religious but if we can get a crusade against communism going I'll join the Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem on the spot.

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One thing we need to sort of think about is this.

Just because a democrat is lying, doesn't mean he's wrong, because democrats are also stupid.

So in theory, if global warming were real, a democrat might think it's fake, lie to you, and actually tell the truth by accident.

Not saying that it is, but just for sake of argument, let's say global warming really is going to kill us all, but we ignore it because we know the democrats are lying and forget that they are stupid too...

....When really (Hypothetically) we ought to be kicking the shit out of China and India to make the changes needed?

Once again, I'm not saying it's real, I'm just pointing out that a stupid liar could be telling the truth by accident.

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You have talent. For real.

Step one to writing a story is to figure out how it ends, and how it started. IE, write the villian before you write the hero. IE, "The crime" had to be complete in the mind of Conan Doyle before Sherlock could hope to solve it.

The real issue isn't writing, it isn't even production, it's distribution and advertising.

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That's the problem with comparing Dems to anything.

You can like pretty much anything else better. Even IDK, tapeworms.

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I'll take his job. I'll even join the democratic party.

Muh ha ha ha ha.

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It's perfectly okay to be a behaviorist, (which, BTW, is what you describe yourself as.)

....but the overall point is about the meaning of words, not the disease itself.

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Right. But, if you really think about it, the disease itself is the fanatical desire for something that is impossible.

That fanatical desire leads to idiotic choices, like castration.

Eventually the "This is real! Cutting off my dick means I'm REALLY A WOMAN!!!! NO REALLY! REALLY! FUCK YOU IT IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" lie you tell yourself runs out of steam, and you look in the mirror and see you are just some asshole who ruined their body beyond repair, and you just want out.

Bu...., What is transgenderism BUT the fanatical desire for the impossible? So if we transpose the word "Transgender" with the phrase "Fanatical desire for the impossible" we have the disease itself, don't we?

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You seem to think I'm challenging you on the idea that they are crazy. I'm not. I'm arguing vocabulary. Semantics is the study of the meanings of words.

TBH, I'm rather more on your side, but I'm against saying it's as clear cut as just being a symptom. Really, I'd say it's not a symptom, it's the disease itself in a particular form.........and the disease is a disordered mind which has fanatically fixated on an impossible wish.

If you really, really boil it down, what you have is a deeply disturbed person, who is in pain, a lot of pain, and has this wish. "If I could be X, I'd be happy."

Not uncommon. A lot of people however have achievable goals, and when they achieve them, they still aren't happy. Like "If I could own a sports car, I'd be happy." Then they get the car, and it doesn't make them happy, and they set another goal, or they sit down and really think about what happiness is.

But the tranny, the wish they have is fundamentally impossible. I kind of get it, I'd like to be an Angel and have wings, but I'm not stupid enough to graft half a chicken to my back.

So, they pursue their impossible wish, and end up fucking themselves up worse,

But what is the disease itself and what is the symptom? THAT is where the argument is.

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IQ is a big thing, but having a parent who pushes you to excel is a big thing too. Who makes sure you have a good support structure and healthy food and do your homework.

A lot of poor areas, the food is garbage. You go into a little store and all the bags of chips are 'family sized.' Give junk food to the kids and ignore them. If they aren't magicked into doctors and lawyers it's racism.

You can't build good brain cells on Doritos, and a lot of these people can't be told what they ought to do. "Nobody own me. You can't tell us how to live!"

Fine. Stay poor.

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You could have a really long debate about the semantics of trans being a symptom or the disease itself.

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Like, ermagerd, trust the SCIENCE!

Except when the science is XX or XY. That's all a social construct.

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Yeah, but no one should be fired from a high level job because they hired people for half price through H1B visas, after telling the Government Americans didn't want the job........and then forcing the people currently in the jobs to train their imported replacements or no last paycheck.

Which Disney fucking did.


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God EMPORER. Not a god, or son of god. A God Emperor.

Damnit, even the Italians get it, why don't you?

...I'll covfefe for you.


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Woke does mean lose.

The danger isn't that they will get their stupid gay communist utopia, that's impossible. The danger is they will drag everyone else into the septic tank with them.

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Hey, in fairness to the crayon eaters, they mostly voted Trump.

(If you didn't know, it's a term for a US Marine. Usually used by Army, Navy or Airforce peeps. Inter-service rivalries.)

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Paypal treats it's users like shit.

Just do a search on "Paypal horror stories" or similiar and you'll find it everywhere.

They are a garbage company who thinks their shit doesn't stink, but it stinks from six states over. If you HAVE to use paypal, don't maintain a balance. They will steal from you.

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We still get a little, but the management is on vacation, and decorating all the new houses they bought, so overall they don't care much.

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