Boomers took the vaccine to protect themselves. It's hard to fault this logic. Regardless, when they get vaccine breakthrough cases, they become super spreaders. Another fact.

As the most at risk group, For them to turn and shift the risk to the young, and steal the choice from young men, is the most cowardly and shameful display of selfishness I have ever seen in my life.

99.9% survival rate, and they want to risk poisoning you with long term effects.

I will never take that vaccine, it is a matter of principle now.

Wake up.

Truth is coming (www.theguardian.com)
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All red states need to start imposing heavy fines for censorship on these platforms.

We need to threaten the very existence of these companies with fines. Make them unable to operate in red states if they choose to continue with the censorship. Make the employee mods at Reddit, Facebook etc personally liable for infringing the first amendment.

Require them to ban volunteer mods that do not comply.

Soon, we will no longer be remotely anonymous online. Your name and social credit will be a thing. Your ability to be employed is at stake.

We have to stop it before it's too late to fix.


Tell all your kids about the game. Make it go viral. Soon, the masks will be such a distraction they will have to eliminate then. The mask game. Kids love to break rules and troll.


We don't need no vaccination.
We don't need no thought control.
There teaching CRT in the classroom

HEY! Biden! Leave those kids alone.

All in all your just another perv in the mall


Need lots of sad dog pics. Plz include jack posobiec's Twitter vid of the dogs they left behind. Also Biden officials lying about not leaving dogs.


All Trump would have had to say:

"listen up. America can come back in and exact vengance any time we want, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

I've got Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski, and Dan Crenshaw among others, with Defense contractor corporate sponsors who would LOVE it.

I've even got Democrats who want us to stay. Chuck and Nancy love war even more than the Republicans, because they hate the military.

Get in your toyota's and suicide bomber cars and walk out of Kabul until we are gone, or we will level the place on the way out.

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