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The outrage is that our government gave millions of dollars to a company runs a website for entertainment purposes only.

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"Abolish the FBI because Twitter" -- My goodness, it's a website. There are a gazillion real reasons to abolish the FBI.

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Any president's tax returns are absolutely our business. If you choose not to release them, you are hiding shit from the American people you don't want anyone to find out -- perhaps business with China.

Trump himself said he would release them himself when the audit's over, anyway, so I don't think he's against this.

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He gave up 4 years of his life for us and you're like, "but why aren't you still fixing all the problems?"

Let the man make some money, for crying out loud. He deserves everything he gets.

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Would there be a record of names of people who accepted each ballot? Like, if a signature was blank, is there a record of the person who approved it? Or is this all done by machine?

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Not everything can be for everybody. Plenty of his supporters can buy the cards and I encourage everyone to buy them instead of donating to other Republicans. They are almost guaranteed to go up in value over time, and Trump is wise to get into the crypto game before it becomes the only game in town and we get locked out.

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Stating facts does not mean the person stating those facts "likes" those facts.

If we are to fight and win, we have to fight in reality. Reality is the only battleground.

You sound like you're letting your emotions cloud your reasoning. Now is not the time to stoke petty arguments and personally attack others, let's stick together.

We can call each other names and fight it out after Trump wins.

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It does fly. Colluding is legal, because nobody is being forced. Social media is a website, it's not speech.

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Freedom of Speech is in the Constitution -- the Constitution applies to the Federal Government only, not private citizens and the websites they let others post on.

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I have yet to feel like my free speech has ever been suppressed or taken from me. I have 100% full free speech. Who doesn't?

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Strongly disagree. Crypto is the battleground of the future. It ain't going away, so we have to be in control of as much of it as we can.

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The real announcement is his Crypto plan. Crypto is the battleground of the (very near) future, and we have to be prepared. Crypto is only going to get stronger, and it is vital that we control a sizable portion of it, else it will all fall into the hands of the cabal. Crypto is going to determine who has power.

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This is a really important event. Trump is clearly playing the long game.

Crypto is not going away, despite recent setbacks. It will eventually displace the American dollar and other currencies.

We need to be able to control a decent amount of the crypto space before the cabal is able to gain full control -- at that point, there really will be zero hope for anything else going forward, because I truly believe crypto is going to be the determining factor in who has power.

I will be buying at least two cards. If I happen into some more extra cash, I'll buy more. It's good investment if you're looking to sell later (value is only going to go up), and it's an important investment into our future. Trust Trump, trust the plan. He has the smartest people in the world on his team.

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He should have started a show where he hires Hollywood celebrities to help him run a business and then fires them all when it's over.

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Maybe, but Republicans still switched to it because they thought it would help them, and it did overall.

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I like ranked-choice voting. It means parties can run good candidates instead of being forced to vote for shitty ones. It's actually funny -- Alaska Republicans instituted ranked-choice voting because they thought they would be able to get rid of Murkowski using it, but that kind of backfired on them.

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