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Duh, they are the mouth end of a segment of the globalist human shitapede.

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Pence getting in on that globohomo Satan money.

I have to admit, he had us fooled.

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My theory is as follows, it’s just a wag, so take it for what you paid for it. Just fun speculation, feel free to poke holes in it:

  • Hobbs is losing, they know it, you can project the results with some accuracy as we’ve seen.

  • Grinding the process down has allowed them to batch results. As such it allows pressure from the media to push narratives. Such as Masters losing, etc.

  • As a result of this batching, it’s concentrating Lake ballots. This will result in a similar look to the graph as Biden pulled off with those early AM moonshots.

  • The media can now do two things with this. Either call into question why the graph looks like that (fraud?) or use it against Lake/Legislators to push that the elections were fine (see, Biden didn’t cheat the graph happened just like this in AZ too).

The media and democrats are gaming here, setting up Lake anyway they can to neuter her campaign and the push to clean up this mess.

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They already have disclosed the amount of ballots yet to be counted.

If a magical batch is found, as you are insinuating, it would be scrutinized to the likes you’ve never seen. It would be totally non-sensical.

Hobbs is in checkmate, they know it, we know it, they are just delaying the end of the game.

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Kash Patel is also on the ground assisting.

I feel comfortable with the crew and position for Lake. They can try, but I think at this point, it’s a suicide option for the Hobbs or the Dems to manipulate at this point.

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This would be an unfixable disaster for the Democrats.

Which given the climate of the country, could spark violent reactions.

It won’t happen, just hang tight and let them fucking around with the narrative, they’ll eventually lose power,

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Start here around 10:55 ish, Charlie is a little bit of a homer, where Tyler knows AZ like the back of his hand:


The 10000 ft recap is that the bulk of the remaining to be counted are election day ‘mail-in’ drop offs and day of ballots. Those break 3:1/2:1 for Trump voting Republicans. They know the numbers of remaining ballots. So you can’t really ‘print’ out of it. It’s a projection, but as Charlie says, behavior of the voters has been consistent.

Whether they pull some other bs is to be seen, but Lake has good representation and her team has shown to be competent thus far.

I like to think of it at this point similar to Coulter’s Law, The longer they drag out releasing results the higher the probability they are losing.

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Maricopa isn’t printing out of this.

Sorry if anyone wants to argue otherwise isn’t following closely enough.

Lake will take AZ.

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They are preventing or crafting a media narrative.

Hang tight, the numbers don’t favor Hobbs. Too many eyes on this now. Lake is right, this one is over, they are just slow rolling it.

She will win in the end, and this shithole of a county election system and the complicit staff will get razed/fired and Lake and the AG restore it to functioning again as it should.

Just be patient and vigilant.

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Even if you aren’t a registered republican, you should at the very least call and voice your displeasure with Ryan and all these backroom wannabe power brokers.

They don’t give a damn about you, so the more voices they can hear in opposition to them the better.

If want to reach the GOP here’s their contact and social media. Otherwise, you may have to call locally.


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We will find out soon enough.

Then hopefully this boil of an election system in AZ gets lanced.

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It’s a curated dump, it’s not over.

They are delaying the inevitable.

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And just like that a favorable Hobbs dump. Only 30K votes drop and they quit for the night.

They are delaying the inevitable, Hobbs is toast.

It’s a game now, worse a manipulation.

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Maricopa is a fucking joke and a disgrace to the nation.

Holding back ballots and only dropping bad batches.

Something needs to change and fast.

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Just make it so all counties have to report simultaneously.

Keep the count protected so no leaks can happen.

We get Maricopa is run by idiot dem lackeys, but there are ways to force them to report.

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I guess McConnell moving globo chess pieces around wasn’t a big enough clue.

They are trying to shake off Trump and reestablish the RINO chameleon party. A tendril of the globalist.

Everyone here is in the way of that, so don’t expect any favors or positivity. We need to purge these clowns with term limits, transparent validation of elections.

Not going to happen anytime soon, as they are too entrenched at the moment.

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Most secure election since 2016 🤷🏻‍♂️

Deal with it sweaty 😂

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Satan: “Welcome home, Evelyn 🥰😘😘”

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