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I swear to god we have the best memesmiths

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Once we win that cuck will bend the knee or we'll annex Canada

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As you should. We need to be extremely hostile to anyone that reinforces the tyranny or it won't stop. Enough of this "live and let live" bullshit

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Unless you have open primaries, register as a republican so you can vote for MAGA candidates in the primaries too

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Mastriano is going to be another DeSantis or better. The establishment knows this and is terrified

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That guy is an anti war leftist. They're trashing Biden too, but it's doubtful we can bring them fully to our side

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There are tweets from early 2016 showing her support for Trump. Meanwhile Oz is a grifting RINO Erdogan puppet and McCormick is a globalist CCP dick sucker. The choice is clear. Vote for Kathy Barnette

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It will be great for the America First movement which is what matters

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Trump is a nationalist who cares about this country and was the best president of my lifetime. That doesn't mean he doesn't make mistakes, nor should he be immune from criticism

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You won't have to authenticate yourself if you don't want to. You can still use Twitter. You just won't have a blue check. I think it's a fair compromise

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