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TY - Those replies to the police give me hope.

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They’re not trying to “distract” them. Quite the opposite. They’re trying to get them stirred up.

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Yep. He backed down under their promise to divest the US operation from CCP control. That was frustrating because it seemed so obvious at the time that it would wind up turning out exactly as it has.

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There are probably better ways of dealing with these women other than gassing them in tents.

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Keurig DrPepper has stayed away from the bs so far.

Their Brands: Keurig brewers K-Cups Green Mountain Coffee Dr Pepper (U.S. only) Snapple Schweppes (North America) 7 Up (U.S. only) Sun Drop (U.S. only) A&W (Worldwide except Canada) Canada Dry Canfield's Hawaiian Punch (U.S. only) IBC Root Beer Mott's Mr & Mrs T Nantucket Nectars Nehi Vernors RC Cola (U.S. only) Squirt Sunkist Yoo-hoo

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That Ukrainian flag says everything.

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A huge part of the problem could be eliminated if women could no longer vote, as per the Constitution.

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It was more so people could read what the link says, rather than having to click a mysterious “archive” link into the abyss.

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That’s exactly it. Even people believing Joe won fairly are now wishing he hadn’t.🤣

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Yes, but they actually BELIEVE that things like fag drag perv shows are good! It’s no easy task to destroy evil after it’s been soaking in everything like oil for decades.

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Wrong, James. The left will destroy this country.

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You don’t want the tomato fruit in direct sunlight if it can be helped.

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What’s “c/news”? Cannabis news?

Edit: (My point is that “c/news” is retarded, and I implore you not to advertise your personal retardation - if that can be helped. Try “news.win” or something related to an actual place.)

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Yep. What exactly did people expect would happen? It’s par for the course.

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I thought the purpose of Gitmo was to circumvent the U.S. court system from being able to release terrorists. Wasn’t that the controversy that led people to wanting to close it?

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How is all that related to abortion and the Supreme Court?

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