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What protests? Lots of phones out there. Not seeing ANY protests from AZ.

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I heard he tried to steer the beast towards the crowd before being subdued.

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They have to join the union. That is not a matter of choice when working for a railroad.

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It is. This is all leading us to “the mark of the beast.” It appears that global communism will be the means through which Satan will be able to ultimately rule over God’s Creation.

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No, this government has become way too bloated and permeated with generational corruption and self-destructive policies.

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Geez, his government sounds like it needs to be taken down a peg.

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Yes, I remember this story from two or three years ago.

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It was back pay. The employees thought it was a “pride” symbol, but it was NOT. https://hollywoodunlocked.com/kroger-to-pay-settlement-to-former-employees/

Come on, people. It took me two seconds to check this.

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No, employees can donate to anyone they want without the company knowing. This is an endorsement.

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You know what? I’ve now come to think that everyone could be defined somewhere on the “spectrum.” It’s just some people have more quirks than others. People are different.

I think most of this modern “spectrum” crap is just a means to make money, through grants, programs and medications.

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Trump released a financial statement. Under legal advice he didn’t release his taxes because he was under audit. If there had been anything potentially illegal in there Obama’s IRS would have found it. Mueller had access to those as well.

I think this is the sort of thing that would have been no big deal to him, but they made such a fuss over it he kept it going. Trump is basically making the dog chase its tail.

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Okay, she chooses to present herself to the world as an absolute whore.

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