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Joe Biden doesn't use Twitter, he doesn't even know what social media is. His handlers do all that.

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The constitution only has authority if we believe it does.

Same with the concept of "God-given inalienable rights". Countless people lying in graves had inalienable rights, it didn't matter.

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Elon won.

Courts basically forced him to buy Twitter for 5x what it was worth, so it's hard to say who won.

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They're exactly the same machines used for 2016. That means they were most likely hacked for 2020 and 2022, they're not malfunctioning. Why would dems leave the outcome to random malfunctions when they were clearly set on rigging it?

The malfunctioning machines theory isn't panning out.

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A forensic audit will uncover the fraud and send people to jail

Call in CyberNinjas! They uncovered so much fraud and so many people went to jail last time.

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Nothing natural about men having 4 wives and 8 sex slaves and no laws against child marriage (or child-fucking). That's the "culture" of the middle eastern goat fuckers.

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He's bought a ruined media company.

I thought he was tanking it on purpose and going fully scorched earth with it.

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Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the side of our Country.

With all due respect to Trump, that's a big "fuck no" to that from me. They are not on our side.

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the mere fact that his account is reinstated is going to make leftist heads explode.

Considering that leftists are now wishing for Twitter to collapse, at this point I don't know what will make their heads explode.

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but he would be crazy not to use it at all

Trump did say he had no desire to return even if his account was unbanned.

So I give it maybe 1 week tops before he returns and starts hammering out tweets at full speed.

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I looked up the numbers....he was tweeting 5 times a day on average at the start of 2016, and by the end of 2020 he was tweeting 35 times per day on average. HUGE numbers, absolute gigachad.

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perhaps he overestimated the amount of support he'd get from "republicans".

Especially the ones he himself appointed.

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The people jailed in the D. C. Gulag are being made examples for the rest of us.

Because they went unarmed and failed to keep Trump as president. Had they armed up and succeeded, Trump would have remained president and instantly pardoned those patriots. They wouldn't be in jail right now.

When the nation is being threatened by tyranny, you don't show up unarmed. That's how you end up in gulags. It's all or nothing at that point.

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Can’t do the same shit we mock others for doing.

We can because we're fucking RIGHT and they're wrong. Don't try to play the moral relativism bullshit that we're just as bad as them.

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Remember January 6th?

On Jan 6th they made the mistake of going unarmed. They completely forgot the entire reason founding fathers made 2A.

This time don't repeat the same mistake.

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The summary is that he deleted his own fucking tweet. What a cuck.

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