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I fully believe there’s a good chance you represent someone employed by federal law enforcement and any court who sees the above as evidence

Lmao the courts have already thrown Jan 6th patriots into jail as political prisoners. Not everyone you disagree with here is an undercover FBI informant/glowie/etc.

In fact this thread is literally the first time I have seen people here desperate to portray Jan 6th as an “insurrection”.

Obviously Jan 6th was a peaceful protest, we all know that. Trump told people to go there and protest against congress (peacefully) to stop the steal. And all patriots who went there were peaceful, if we discount the Antifa and FBI bad actors who tried their pathetic false-flag operation to portray the event in a bad light.

But the reality is that the peaceful protest was simply not enough. It should have been an insurrection, because that's what was needed to save the country from the leftist coup. Here is the dictionary definition of insurrection: "An organized attempt by a group of people to defeat their government and take control of their country, usually by violence." After our votes were stolen and tyranny was being installed, insurrection became the moral and responsible thing to do.

Jan 6th was not an insurrection, but it should have been.

You have definitely seen the sentiment expressed here by many people: we are not going to vote our way out of this, and protests/rallies/etc have not helped undo the steal whatsoever. People NOT impressed when Trump folded and told everyone to go home.

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not feel the least bit bad

Still feel pretty bad about all the political prisoners though. Trump couldn't stand in the FBI's way when it came to throwing his own voters in jail.

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I wish we had some sort of direction rather than just reacting to their overreach every day.

This was a rising problem with modern conservatism even before Trump. At some point conservatism became all about reacting to the left and nothing else.

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Yes he does, it's we the people. No army stands a chance against 100+ million Trump voters.

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Wait...we should file a lawsuit against people who sit on the internet and do nothing but whine!

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Nothing to do with localization, everything to do with which party conservatives voted for back in 18th century. We should be proud of our history and heritage.

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That's a good counter-move by Trump. Lawsuits are his specialty, can't deny that. Lets see how this plays out.

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The Democrats were the party of the KKK

That's common knowledge and nobody is disputing that. But which party were conservatives voting for back then? Which states were conservative states? I don't care about the "big switch" or whatever. We need to get real about which party conservatives aligned with back during the civil war. We should be proud of our history and what our conservative ancestors fought for. There was nothing wrong with their beliefs and ideals.

The South is a stronghold for modern conservatives

Countless families living in red states today can trace their family trees back to conservatives who dominated those states in the 1800's. The south has always been a stronghold for conservatives, there is no need to add the word "modern" there.

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Because there's never any hope, right?

Through lawsuits? Fuck no. We are not going to sue or vote our way out of this.

There is only one way out which provides actual hope.

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He’s doing something.

People said that about Mike Lindell's lawsuit where he claimed to have authentic PCAP's which would get a 9-0 SCOTUS victory, and then ~1 week after his symposium everyone here promptly forgot about his lawsuit and his entire existence. Yeah, at least he did something...not sure what he did though.

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There are no coincidences. Everything that's happening in the wake of the covid jab can be traced back to the covid jab.

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It's amazing how many normies just trust experts on stuff. Even if 95-99% of experts agree on something, that doesn't mean they are correct. Especially when they are all conspiring with each other to cover up the truth.

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when they’re the real Klan members AND THE PARTY OF SLAVERY!!!!!

Hold up, conservatives living in the south and midwest are democrats?? Those were all the anti-slavery states, weren't they? Or was it the other way around?


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It actually was the Jews.

Obviously. The question is, when is it not the Jews?

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Indeed, and lawsuits aren't going to stop them whatsoever. I'm not sure what Trump is trying to do here.

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Strong words like that are not going to stop this witch hunt whatsoever, courts aren't even going to spend 5 seconds looking at this lawsuit before throwing it out.

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Before the election, there were Trump signs and flags on probably every third house.

Only 1/3rd of houses had Trump flags? That's concerning. Who were the other 2/3rds voting for??

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This. It's better for kids to sit in adoption centers than be adopted by LGBT crazies who can't even comprehend what love is. They aren't human.

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