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Hey just a heads up if anyone knows of Jeremy from the quartering yall should nuke his chat in the video he made about trump tech. i used to watch all of his vids but this one pissed me off . he always complains about tech censorship and support alt tech but turns around and bashes trumps efforts of trying to build something for all of us . Jeremy is a grifter just exposed himself

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Well he shit on both sides of the fence so good luck with finding some support fucking libtard

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It was just a overload to many people logged in at the same time

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If their in range and trespassing on your property and its clearly posted you can shoot them in my great state of alabama

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My girl is 14 and if some asshole thinks she isn't well trained and armed fuck around and find out . i have been training her since she was 6 she is well educated in all kinds of firearms she can field strip clean clear a chamber load and fire over 20 different weapons i have never hid them from her she has been taught to respect them you have to show these kids what they will do to you if you dont respect them if all you do is hide them they become taboo and what do kids do all the time when they find a firearm that they know their not supposed to have they think their cool and thats when things go bad if their raised around guns and they are treated as a tool and not a forbidden object they become just another object like a book or lamp and will walk right by one and pay it no attention

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The weather channel just blew it off as weather and staffing problems

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Have you been gun and ammo shopping lately im putting stuff on layaway because its gone as soon as they get it and its fucking expensive i have to start early because im not fucking rich and if i want my family to have something nice for Christmas i have to start now or i cant pay my fucking bills

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Id be weary of that all they gotta do is lace some doses kill a few people and boom look everybody ivermectin is deadly

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That sounds good and all but tom petty was from Florida and the gators have been singing that since he passed away a few years ago but it the song is coming to life

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Then why bring your kid out into the world if your so worried about it seams like shitty parents

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Its not exactly what sheman was saying that is disturbing its who it is and who it works for and the mindset they have that is scary and it was telling us that whoever is controlling biden is controlling the fda and all the rest of them and that the data is being manipulated part is damning

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Damn this dude sounds like a 5th grader thats not allowed in our club house because our sign says no red flaaaaaaags allowed hahahhahahahah

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Id like to file her under my sheets lol for real she is fine as hell

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Ummmm yeahh that didn't age well since that was made literally everything has gone to shit

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Trump needs to address these vaccines he needs to get out ahead of it because they will try to put all of the dead on his hands mark my words

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