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What, am I the only one with an Emotional Support AK?

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Private companies are getting hit just as hard as we are. The only fleet sales they’re likely to make right now will be to government agencies, and evidently they’re not buying either.

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With inflation being what it is, they’ll lose money at list price. They’re still calculating which is worse, excessive inventory or selling at a loss.

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True. He made the mistake of trying to fight clean. Hopefully he learned his lesson, and next time won’t neglect whatever advantage he possesses.

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How many people on earth can afford even half that much for a goddamn wristwatch? The point still stands.

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My dad and my coaches were that way. Without honor, you’re not a man.

I was bullied in junior high, and when it became clear that the school wouldn’t do anything about it, my Dad instructed me “Next time that little prick starts something, you finish it.” One day the bully shoves me in the hallway, so I turned around and hockey-checked the little cocksucker into the opposite wall. He ended up flat on his back wondering what the hell just happened, I dropped my backpack, squared up and said “Want some more, faggot?” Well, he didn’t. I got suspended, my Dad came in and told the vice-principal who suspended me to fuck himself, and the bully never entered my personal space again.

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Gotta admire the kid who fought back. It didn’t take long to figure out he was outmatched, but he doesn’t give up. He’s gonna make that fucker taste his own blood at any cost.

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That’s their plan. A trial could potentially reveal more of their dirty secrets.

I used to think Assange was the bad guy. I was wrong. Now I pray for his release.

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Kids turned out better without easy access to porn.

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I remember growing up that way. We actually went out and did stuff. It was awesome.

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It ain’t the size that counts!

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I have three girls (not quite that age yet, thank God), and plan on doing the same. I also have three nieces who are unfortunately fatherless (two thanks to a sudden brain aneurysm, the other because her father is a cheating shitbag) who will get the same chaperoning.

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Admin, Garand Thumb, and the boys!

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Is it that, or did Xi just whip one out of the playbooks of Stalin and Mao with a pair of platform shoes?

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