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That's pretty dumb logic. That's like saying the invention of the airplane made men lazy and now men don't know how to navigate the seas using star maps.

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7 downvotes lol. 7 retards itt. I'm autistic as fuck and I can still tell this is a joke.

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Lmao I knew it was you I was responding to earlier. You got so emotional in this thread defending your guy, yet disney still has it's special district with significant tax privileges.

Disney would be allowed to keep the special tax district — which never went away — and almost all its perks, including the ability to issue tax-exempt bonds and approve development plans without scrutiny from certain local regulators.


Florida’s largest employer will still retain significant tax privileges moving forward.


Now's where you say something like "I'm sorry for being so condescending and insulting while simultaneously being wrong."

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Ron is not running in 2024

If he does, will you admit you're wrong? Aren't you the same guy that told me there would be no concessions in the Disney deal a few months ago? I don't feel like looking through my post history, but I'm pretty sure it was you, and you were wrong then like I believe you're wrong now.

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DeSantis removed Broward County Sheriff. He was the head of the election fraud.

Lol no he wasn't, and he was removed because of the school shooting. Brenda Snipes was the "head of election fraud" for Broward and she was fired by Scott.

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Anyone can argue that DeSantis didn't need Trump to get elected

Incredibly wrong. DeSantis would've lost his primary by double digits if Trump didn't endorse him. I, and everyone I know, was going to vote Putnam. Go check the polls, DeSantis didn't stand a chance.

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Why'd you ignore the questions I asked? Are you conceding the point or do you just not know specifically what DeSantis has done to fix elections?

I know nothing about your personal life

Assume I'm your average Busch Light drinking, gator wrastlin' Floridaman. How has he made my life tangibly better?

speaking on gun rights and not knowing that florida is in the process of passing constitutional carry

No, I definitely know about that, that's exactly my point. DeSantis was elected almost 5 years ago and hasn't done anything for gun rights while a bunch of other red states have, he sat silent. Did you know half the states in the union have permitless carry? It's rather unimpressive that he's just now in favor of something nearly every other red state has. He's never mentioned being in favor of permitless carry in any campaign speech, he only supported it after the legistature brought it up. He's the leader of a state with huge majorities in each house, he could pass basically any legislation that he wants.

tells me you are only concerned with pointing out negatives.

Lol I've been asking you this whole time to tell me the positives, but you've yet to do that accurately. Does nuance exist to you, or can I express my gripes with my governor without being considered a hater? Can DeSantis do anything wrong in your eyes?

If DeSantis was the exceptional governor you make him out to be, it should be very easy to come up with a list of things he's done to make my life appreciably better.

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What did he do to fix this? Firing Brenda Snipes? Scott did that. DeSantis's election task force? That's done nothing.

DeSantis’ new election prosecution team’s first round of cases largely flopped, resulting in dropped charges, a number of dismissals, one plea agreement that resulted in no punishment and only one partial conviction


Again, I'm genuinely curious, what has DeSantis done to tangibly improve my life? Has he expanded my gun rights at all, like other red states have? I like Ron, but I feel his accomplishments are overblown.

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Floridaman here. Genuinely curious, what has DeSantis done to make our lives tangibly better? I'm not a DeSantis hater like some here, I just don't feel all the winning that he references.

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Lol, when he announces will you apologize to us fed cocksuckers?

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I wish Elon's PR team would fuck off and let us have TheDonald back.

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This board was filled with Twitter screen caps and links before the purchase, no?

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Twitter also still bans a lot of tranny "hate speech." Musk is not based and Twitter 2.0 is still pozzed.

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I'm old enough to remember the Obama vs. HRC primary in 2008 being extremely contentious and Team Obama people hating all things HRC and vice versa. Was that the end of the Democrat party? Why do people keep acting like Trump vs DeSantis will be the end of the republican party?

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