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Journalists always remember to write 'white' and 'Black'. Only certain groups are allowed capital letters.

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Do it in order to prevent infecting people that are vaccinated.

You fuck

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It's just all soy dudes going 'is this racist, and when are they going to attack..?' And then they have to report back to someone that's 70 years old and explain how something called memes is a national threat.

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Still waiting for some psycho to start killing politicians. Don't even care who the targets are at this point.

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The Afghan government got most of their money through donations. If your country is so shit that you need the rest of the world to fund you, then you can go fuck yourself.

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Social media kills me in general.

It drains me so much that i need weeks away from it before i come back. I wish they never invented the touchscreen.

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Nah bro. I recently read an article claiming that being fat might actually protect you from the virus. Not even a joke.

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I still don't understand why the vaccine only replicates the SPIKE protein and nothing else. The only reason I can think of is that it was cheap and fast.

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rainyday1234 is totally his alt account. The fucker replies to every post in a thread

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The MSM started showing tweets as if random opinions are newsworthy. They just need a handfull of retards posting shit online in order for it to look like public opinion.

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And stop selling knives in shops. These poor people can't help themselves 😢

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They dont do placebo studies on at-risk groups. They say it's unethical, because the drug will most likely save lives.

Science and logic. Oh, and muh feels.

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The school system is messed up. They can't handle intelligent people and that's kinda weird.

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I liked the single scoop

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And they consider themselves more compassionate and morally superior.

Yet they laugh at others pain...

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Probably because he couldnt breathe through those filters alone

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