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Every time I think I get less racist I'm reminded why I am

Dude they are literally feral

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Her SOS is Adrian Fontes, a former "election official." Her entire system was set up so she could rig the vote. She put all the right people in all the right places. And since she put a cheating election official in as SOS, no reforms or changes will ever happen.

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That guy probably earns six figures a year doing that and there's no one some limp-wristed faggots are going to get in the way of his paycheck.

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We in our echo chamber aren't willing to admit that to normies, a guy who was impeached twice, whose previous presidency was punctuated by Covid and the violent year of 2020, does not look good at all and likely won't get their vote.

And unfortunately, normies make up a huge part of the electorate. Recall, 2-5-10% of Republicans support Pence for president.

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Hear hear. I'm tired of all the beta MGTOW guys who hate women because women don't like them

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I personally think yoga pants were one of the greatest advancements in women's wear and I'm glad the trend hasn't died.

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Catturd is the epitome of boomer humor. Ergo, not funny.

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And you are?

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Yeah, it was like when I lived in NY. They 'banned' single use plastic bags yet I still got them when I went to places like Dollar General.

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No, he's just not funny. Like, he doesn't even elicit a smirk. He says the most common sense, "no duh" stuff and people worship him like he's constantly saying sage, wise things. People around here says what he says 10,000 times a day, but when he says it, they act like God himself said it.

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