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Except no.

Point: doubling his net worth via this deal =/= $1Bn liquid for a PAC. IIRC he has 56% owning interest, and he can’t liquidate half the company for a cool billion campaign war chest.

Added commentary: glad he’s back at making money.

I’m not making 2 points that contradict each other. I’m making one point and adding the commentary that I’m glad he’s back in the business of making money, which includes but is not limited to this deal, which will make him money. Versus giving away his salary and sacrificing his wealth to be POTUS and be under siege by the media, Dems and RINOs.

I can’t help you beyond here.

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You sound like the life of the party.

I didn’t qualify ‘making money’ as ‘realizing taxable income.’

I’m glad he’s back in the business of making money. Which he will do if he grows this media empire.

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I think it’s ultimately psychologically rooted in the innate differences in risk tolerance between the sexes.

Physically weaker —> feel helpless, out of control —> needs control —> manipulates control by other means.

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Can you imagine if that smirk had a silencer?

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The 10 fuckheads aren’t funded by anyone. They believe you don’t need to raise money to get elected, and they enjoy telling people they had the balls to run, only lack the brains to have a chance.

People don’t know jack shit about who to vote for on a mass scale on races like this. Unless you pay to educate them, which is what happens in the paid advertising cycle of campaigns.

Incumbents pay to educate you on anyone who poses a threat to them, bc they can afford to do so before the challenger can introduce themselves via mass paid media.

Example: Matt Bevin, successful businessman with some self-funding capabilities, throws his name in to primary Mitch McConnell in 2014.

Okay, how many KY primary voters know about this on just the earned media? A few percent.

Nobody wins on a few percent.

Immediately Mitch’s Oppo research guys uncover that Bevin’s family bell manufacturing company accepted bailout funds to stay alive.

So Mitch spends money on an ad campaign far in advance of the normal paid window — because he always sits atop a mountain of cash — and immediately brands him “Bailout Bevin.”

Disregard Mitch’s support voting for the bailouts. Voters are too short-memoried for that, and Mitch knows it.

Mitch wins with 60% of the vote.

Fast forward to Mitch winning re-election in 2020. After doing nothing on voter fraud and not standing up to the 1/6 narrative, KY county-level GOP Parties begin passing resolutions censuring Mitch for turning his back on Trump.

The vicious cycle continues not because elections are rigged. It continues bc voters don’t inform themselves. They’d rather be watching grown men play with balls on TV.

Where Mitch has ads running about being Kentucky Strong. And primary challengers can’t keep up.

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Just as illogical as OP’s post.

They get elected in … states run by their same party.

Want to primary Mitch? He’ll spend a cool million from his war chest defining you in a negative way before you got to define yourself to the average voter.

Fuck him, but ppl with brains understand he’s just hard to beat.

Someone has to be ready to risk $10-20m of their own money to try to go against either in a primary, and a Senate seat isn’t worth it.

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Yeah OP’s point is weak.

Fraud is real, but using people from heavily Dem districts as your evidence is stupid.

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Look at the entire argument the MSM used against Trump. He lacked “kindness and empathy.”

I can’t remember reading about any Greek orations about appealing to the feels.

I’m fact there’s an entire school of Greek philosophy where men are to rise above letting emotions rule them.

Men and women are different. Now that we have to elect based on kindness, empathy and the feels, we get a Joe Biden, Empathizer In Chief.

And all the shit that goes with it.

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With our 1.6% case fatality rate, there should be 64 deaths in 4,000 cases.

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I couldn’t find anything but a meme website with the “I’ll fucken do it again” Addison, so I assume it has been scrubbed. Not even DDG had it.

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Oddly the tweet from OP no longer exists, but she does openly declare to have enduring side effects from the mRNA mark of the beast.

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Welp, Congress sends the CDC a mixture of your tax dollars and printed funny money. And they exist and do their thing with gubmint bucks.

Do you really think with as much funny money as we’re spending that Congress wouldn’t give the CDC what it needed to exist? That would be the one department hurting for cash.

Congress also created the CDC Foundation to be a non-profit where companies who want tax write offs to sip cocktails with CDC folks and talk about feel good projects. Before they do deals with actual gubmint bucks.

It’s like lobbying. It’s wreaks of grifters, only at least they’re not taking your taxpayer dollars for the CDCF programs.

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NP. Congress created the foundation. Sure it is kinda corrupt, but it the CDC director is paid by Uncle Sam to work for Uncle Sam.

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A good 5-10 times that turn away from a Trump rally bc they thought they could show up a couple hours early and couldn’t even get into the overflow lot.

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The CDCF is also an entity created by Congress. Sure, pharma lobbyists probably suggested it, butt it’s not like some pharma exec filed a 501(c)3 organization and owns it.

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No. CDC is a government agency.

The CDC Foundation is a non-profit non-government entity. Legally different.

Trump paid Robert Redfield $183k/yr to be the CDC director. He was a govt employee.

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I don’t remember when, but it used to not be allowed. Then magically pharma props up the media.

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Russia saying no to woke shit doesn’t make them allies. Fuck Russia. You never want them on your side at the start of a war. You just want them on your side at the end.

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