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We just need to tell Dems that they need to sit Juneteenth out.

It is celebrating the original Republican Party policy idea, and we had to defeat Dems to accomplish it.

So it should be a day of silent reflection for them for the past sins of their party.

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It’s probably more likely to get him to go to church just to see what they would do.

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As far as Roman Catholic Chirch goes, yes.

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Here’s an interesting angle: in the US at least, which is presumably based on IOC standards, at the age of 35 you age out of the normal post-college “seniors” division into the old people “masters division.” This being an Olympic sport, all countries who participate base everything on the same ground rules.

The sport is so taxing on your body that it’s nearly impossible to keep up after 35.

Magically, this athlete at 35 years of age decided to become a woman.

And now is in the Olympics at 43.

It cynically looks like a plot to keep in the sport past the age of competitiveness by just becoming a woman.

And frankly it doesn’t matter that it’s testosterone level is below the legal limit … the all-male form had 35 years of maturing as a man before coming a woman.


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One thing you miss out on: the very existence of effective treatments PREVENTS the ability to grant emergency use authorization for the COVID vax.

Yes, it’s a profit thing, but this is specifically why all treatments were vilified by a compliant media.

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When has Limbaugh ever endorsed in an open & competitive presidential primary?

Rush laid the foundation.

The reason he’ll never be replaced is he was the one who made the market. All the rest are trying for their slice of the Conservative, Inc. pie.

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Who possesses the intel? The agencies.

Is it a failure, or is it a testament to the magnitude of the hidden power of the deep state?

Saying it’s Trump’s fault is like the scene in Dark Knight Rises where the stooge tells Bane that he is in charge.

The deep state is our enemy. We need term limits on all federal employees.

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It at least shouldn’t be comfortable.

Like yeah some members of Congress sleep on their couches, bc they don’t make enough for a DC home in addition to their actual homes.

But why not make them all sleep on military cots in military tents in the desert?

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Honestly everyone who wasn’t Trump getting fame over the fraud issue made it too confusing to convince any persuadable voter.

Trump is the messenger, and all these sideshow clowns made it impossible for even me to follow.

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What can they really do?

Declas? Trump tried, CIA denied.

Withdraw troops? Trump tried, generals denied.

Investigate corruption. Trump tried, Durham … disappeared.

Simply be a president beholden to the people, not the machine. Trump tried, FBICIADOJMSMVPOTUSRINOCOVIDCHINAVOTERFRAUD denied.

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-“… during the Jan 6 insurrection…”

  • “charged with one count of parading …”

The gaslighting is so obvious. Call it an insurrection with nothing but misdemeanors for … not-insurrection.

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I researched it a bit, and the name you mentioned was the guy who shot the Steve Scalise shooter, who received a medal from Trump.

Also sore that bracelet, but the RCI article I read said that was a false ID, and he was not under investigation nor suspended.

... without proving that it wasn’t him.

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His emotional support wife pumped him up and made him believe he could do this.

Then he forgot.

He looks out of his league.

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I saw the pics identifying the bracelet he was wearing and connecting him to other pics that day, but I never saw a name.


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Audit the person who made a before/after meme with a red marker.

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He’s a former neighbor.

Personally, I think the Hunter stuff is a lot of drama about someone whose name is NOT Joe Biden. Hunter wasn’t on the ballot.

If all networks covered it, maybe it would have made a difference.

Hillary’s emails hurt her, because they were her emails that she sent.

Hunter is clearly a grifter, but he is a separate person with his own agency.

Honestly it isn’t a successful politics strategy to go after someone’s family. Go after the person on the ballot.

Yes, Joe got implicated by the laptop, but the messaging is so muddy that it gets passed off as another “conspiracy theory that will later be proven 100% accurate.”

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She could bring that evidence in her defamation lawsuit.

But her lawyers are saying no reasonable person would believe her.

This mighty, noble, based Powell believes the best way to defend herself in a defamation suit is “lol jk,” not “release the kraken.”

And frankly, any time in the future where some lawyer has to say kraken, you need to exercise a little more skepticism.

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The best part is the pedes who are like “her lawyers are ONLY saying that she was using hyperbole and no reasonable person would have believed her because of her defamation lawsuit.”


I think the easiest way to win a defamation lawsuit is ... EVIDENCE.

Be that “fearless based lawyer” and show the court all that evidence.

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