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yes... and when you get fired from your job due to the vexxcene they take over your job

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The absolute deadline for me is death....I will never take their poison

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A little over 3 years is all they have according to many

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The great end time deception is the alien deception. It's to provide cover for Satan for all the crap about to go down... Gods people will be likened to a bad alien race while the antichrist will be made to look as the good Alien race here to save us

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I saw a pale horse... and its rider was death

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Many good people will die from that decision also

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destruction of all institutions is the goal... order out of chaos, they dont care about the patients... or the company... those at the top are getting printed money kickbacks to go along with the new world order..... they dont care about tax money or keeping food supplied or supply chains

when you print money you control the world

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I saw a pale horse...it's rider was death

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All the CEO were replaced in 2019 with ones down with the agenda. Search for the article 2019 saw record number of CEO replacements

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did they require a negative test or vax pass to get in ?????

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Thank you...he was a globalist just like them...working there on evil , the reason they didn't help was Hillary didn't want exposed what they were doing there

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