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Wonder if he still gets fluffed on his radio show.

Every caller:

"You're a great American, Sean."

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Eleven, weaken the American family, and traditional gender roles, with the LGBTQ crap.

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They were both in a movie called "Once Upon a Time in America."

Jennifer Connolly did nudity when she was 13 years old.

Not sure how they got away with that.

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Doesn't surprise me, he was always about strong female characters.

Maybe he secretly wants to be one.

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She was incredibly alluring as Saavik in Star Trek II.

Director Nicholas Meyer downplayed her looks.

All around cool chick as well.

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People dead, at The Capitol, was because of the capital police, not anything that was said on thedonald.win.

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Ain't never heard of any fan wanting to give their Super Bowl win back because of bad officiating.

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In Panama City, Panama security stands outside with machine guns should you decide to take anything.

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Since most of the issues on election day were in Republican areas, they should change the election laws so that people can vote wherever they want.

Go vote in a Democratic area where things are working just fine.

It's not a silver bullet, or anything, but it's a start.

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The woman in the article has tremendous courage not to take any kind of a plea deal because she chose not to get pulled out of her car and beaten to a pulp - or worse.

I've met someone, a white woman, who actually blames the person in the car when they drive through "protesters."

Jesus take the wheel if they are ever in that same situation.

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He also donated his presidential salary like John F Kennedy and Herbert Hoover before him.

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"Our Constitution is now established. Everything seems to promise it will be durable but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes."

  • Benjamin Franklin
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He was very good in "The Hunt for Red October."

He should have been in the sequels, but Paramount Pictures owed Harrison Ford a movie, as part of his contract, and he got the Jack Ryan gig.

Had Baldwin been given that opportunity, he probably wouldn't have been doing a b-list picture like "Rust."

Still a world class dickhead, like Sean Penn, but it's interesting how one event affects another.

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Do Muhammad next.

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I hope you are restored to good health in a timely manner - prayers sent.

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