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then the novel proposition (here)

It wasn't novel, the courts had sentenced people to have their indentured service contracts extended for life prior to this; even in the colonies.

he was entitled under the law to own another human being like you'd own a cow or a horse, and he won.

That was not the issue in this case, the man had signed an indentured contract and then had a civil dispute over termination where the civil remedy was service for life under the terms of the original contract.

This was in the late 1600s, so "here" wasn't actually "here" just yet, especially in the sense of our civil court system.

other than the few who served in the Union Army of the United States. White people did though.

So.. just, Americans. That's why I don't see any sense in attempting to be pedantic about any of this. Half the country didn't even allow slavery and the other half enslaved more than just African's. America is here because we fought that fight and paid the price for it. It owes no accounting or reparations.

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At least I can launch mustard gas at them then and feel better knowing they are dead.

It only really works once, and your goal is to start with the gas then follow with a push over the line. Once your enemy builds and deploys countermeasures, the effectiveness really falls off and the pushes are easily repelled.. because, hey, after the green cloud disappears guess what's coming next?

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but they willfully ignore the fact that this is their future being driven by their ideology.

No.. they're just hoping that the new regime will give them a job.

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You only have to think of what type of equipment is in those devices to understand why the "stockpile" is so low. We sold off most of our manufacturing and technology industry and moved them into China.

This is great.. because it drives up prices for things like Stingers, oh, and hey look! We suddenly need a bunch more. Oh, and the old designs? Obsolete. Can't get the parts. They're going to need to redesign them to make them more expensive.

War is a racket.

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The normal course of all writing these "news" articles:

Find true but awful detail.

Ignore everything else and focus only on the detail.

Build outrage and/or despair.

Remind readers that other awful things have also happened recently.

Put an ad at the bottom, maybe people will click on it?

You are viewing a hyperbolic and unreal version of the world. Most people understand this and don't take it that seriously.

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Well.. if you refuse to become a leader to them, what do you expect?

You sit here... seeing the obvious.. and then conclude "other people need to act up!"

Maybe this is the problem?

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I guess that's the spectrum of action?

"Sit on a message board waiting to be saved."

"Civil war."

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lol.. and so stupid too.

"So, you admit this is good PR? Telling people the truth, and just being basically transparent about what everyone knows already? And you people.. are.. mad, about this?"

All the adults are dead.. children are running the show now.

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If the fate of the republic can be put down to that of a single commercial entity, we have much, much larger problems, and this isn't over by any stretch.

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He always was. That's why they have insurance policies like this. You don't take chances on corruption.

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Keep projecting.

You guys are boring. You repeat the same crap. You have no solutions. You do not support Donald Trump.

You do not belong here. Go somewhere else with your half assed "I heart the Nazis" retardation. I could give a fuck.

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Ohh, this faggot again.

Ah.. this boring retard again.

Keep defending baby dick suckers at every opportunity.

This is The Donald. Does every board on here have to be Consume Product jr?

What are you adding of value as you complain about what others are talking about ?

Why can't you handle a single contrary voice? Is your confidence that thin?

You are doing the same shit you are accusing others of.

The ratio of what I'm doing to what this shit is is like 1:100, and you know it. It's getting worse lately, and this board keeps getting further away from the purpose of supporting Donald Trump.

Seems like you could use a few more levels in self-awareness.

Project more.

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I'm just a voice on a message board. But hey, hold your head high, you've somehow defeated me.

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The hilarious part is no one wonders why Kanye isn't the CEO of his own entertainment company. Wouldn't that be the obvious question?

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Wow.. this just keeps getting more clever and funny everytime I read it. It is in no way boring. The world is going to hell, but we have you guys.. on a forum, repeating the same thing over and over, and constantly complaining that nothing changes as a result.

Just really happy to have this be part of the conversation. Every. Fucking. Time.

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Love your neighbor. Not the BS they put on TV.

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Yes he does. This is intentional. They want to destroy American exceptionalism, and Joe is just playing the part.

Remember Trump pushing his way to the front of the pack. He knew what was up, and instinctively responded to it.

Joe, his Son, his Wife and probably the family Dog are all owned by the Chinese. He does what he's told. "Make America Look Bad."

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Should be a man handing another man cash.

"Incredible! Global Pharma Monopoly now full fledged regulator thanks to one public private partnership!"

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They can keep track of Windows source code across thousands of developers and contracts and still make traceable releases. The bills can be as big as you want, the fact that there's no mechanism to "diff" them against the current law is because they don't want there to be one. It's 2022, we run our government like it's 1822.

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A page in the background of the photo: "In spite of only being less than 15% of the population the b..."

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People assume that because cousin-fucking is taboo in the US that it is everywhere else too.

Nope. Some countries are much worse for this than others.

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I know the numbers alleged to have been cremated are impossible in the time frame or with the resources available, but everything else has to be real right ?

How many were cremated? You don't actually think all 6 million were cremated, do you? Also, do you think Goebbels and Himmler just made stuff up for fun, or do you not believe the things they wrote or the speeches they gave?

I mean.. sure, Jews have an incentive to "gin up" their history a little bit, but you grant no similar curiosity to what the German's themselves wrote? Hitler gave interviews, to tons of reporters in the early stages of the Reich, he was pretty clear about what was on his mind.

A military force fighting a war on all fronts surely had the time and extra supplies to waste on all of this clearly.

They ended up fighting on all fronts. They signed a bunch of peace treaties to begin with, American's were going over there as late as 1938. They invaded Poland on their own, no one pushed them into it. 3 million Polish Jews had a lot of money. If you wanted to steal that money, you have to get rid of the people. The rewards easily outweighed the costs.

Pretty cool how the census data for how many Jews were in Europe went up after WW2

Air travel and mass transport changed the entire world, including Jewish populations, from linear growth to exponential growth afterwards. Look at any historical world population chart to understand why this happened.

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It's desperation. He will, at this point, say literally anything, if his internal calculus tells him it will get him back in the limelight. He really wants his book deals and 4 minute TV spots back. That was the sauce for him.

He could care less about politics, I suspect. He saw Ann Coulter and decided, "I could be the gay version of that." To Ann's credit, it's way harder than it looks.

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