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As an Asian myself, I have never understood why the Democratic Party is so popular among Asians. When I moved to a red county, even though my friends had never visited any red counties, they asked me why I had moved to a racist part of the country.

My theory is that most Asians' first stop in the US is in blue coastal cities, where they adopt the hive-mind mentality of those cities. In contrast, my first stop in the US was in a red state.

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I still refer to this as slashdot effect nowadays, but not many people understand it anymore.

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No. Call your bank on Monday. Tell them you are withdrawing all your money.

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He sounds like a childish democrat

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If NYC can arrest president for a BS charge, they can arrest you for anything.

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He shall have replied "Considerably less than what the NYT and WP received from the government."

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What is the reason for these two journalists to waste their time attending the hearing?

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The event was being live-streamed on YouTube and other platforms. We knew the charge was fake based on the facts from day one.

Thank God some Democratic Party voters have finally woken up.

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I work for a startup. Our VC asked us to get on LinkedIn and looks for candidates with "she" or "them" on their profiles.

LOL by ratmw7
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☝️ this is what happened.

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There are still six other Walmart stores in the greater Portland area. The city people can visit the evil suburban XD

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Bukele is not an outsider. He has been a politician his whole adult life. He is only an outsider because his former party disliked him and removed him from the party.

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I feel uncomfortable about how Bukele achieved his goals, but when a country has decayed to such a degree, it may need a right-winger to clean up the mess.

American will face the challenge soon.

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PV is not a startup anymore, it has proven itself to be a viable business if James is there. Therefore, James should obtain a loan to buy out the existing shareholders.

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The "Sex and city" generation. It won't end up well for them.

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not every superhero wears a cap, some wear z-cups.

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