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Yeah his Twitter has some good zingers on occasion.

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Argh. Wheel of fortune doesn't center every line, just the longest. Then everything is left justified to that.

Sorry, pet peeve

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I'll assume there was a story there somewhere; all I saw were ads.

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Original article:


Yellow is there, but looks like a fix up not purchasing. Beware spreading this verbatim.

Yellow: confirmed Purchase: undetermined, probably false

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Came here to say this

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I'm not saying the article is bs, but I can't find proof of it happening in my city (a far west suburb of Chicago).

Now, my neighborhood is inexplicably hot right now (can't imagine why ANYONE actually WANTS to move into this Godforsaken shit blue state*), but I looked up all the recent transactions (last 2 months) and they all seem to be family->family. I've heard of open houses with 40+ people waiting outside to look at it. Crazy.

  • county is pretty red, though
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This is news precisely because odds are Biden gets them wrong. Without the Dr to make sure they're not inside out, you never know whether it'll be a good day or bad day.

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Not too far from Futurama's suicide booths.

by Maaam
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Wonder woman getting into her invisible jet

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The ride never ends

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I think there's a real ”I'm hitting this and you're not, jelly bro?” vibe to it.

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<Seinfeld> that's a shame

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