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The statue was gifted by the French. Look at their country now. They welcomed all those "alls" and their country is burning now.

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Why is there some British dude and some lady who can't speak English moderating this thing lol

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They’ll be resold on eBay As-is For Parts.

Or scammed by selling to unsuspecting locals on classifieds who don’t confirm if phone is working before.

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But some races are superior.

Asians have the highest income in the US for example. Is it because they have slanted eyes or yellow skin? No. But they have sociological behaviors that are conductive to such an outcome.

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What rights are they missing today? Be specific.

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🎵 The wheels on the school bus look like venn diagrams, venn diagrams. 🎵

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We want to celebrate our White heritage; it's great to be White.

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Next? Garage sales where you sold one too many old mowers.

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They organized. And they're on top.

The individualism of the right is our Achille's heel.

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I don't think they publicly advertise the locations, just to their vet'ed participants. Would have to think of some good vetting ideas but it could be done with a relative certainty I think. Once you bootstrap the movement and have enough participants, you can stop advertising for a while.

There's always a risk, but some parents would be deciding that it's worth it. The recent anti lgbtqbbq school grooming million march proved that parents are ready to fight for the right cause, even if antifa is present.

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Gotta start somewhere. I applaud those people for actually doing something concrete.

If I was setting this up I'd ensure to properly vet the participants. Something like PM me from some social media where you have 1-3+yr old posts espousing similar values.

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City officials in Metro Vancouver have described signs advertising a "whites-only" social group for mothers and children as "vile garbage."


Officials with the neighbouring City of Port Coquitlam said they had been alerted to the posters over the weekend and directed bylaw officers to search for them and remove them.

The signs advertise a play group for mothers and children to "join other proud parents of European children as we create an atmosphere in which our kids feel like they belong."

In its statement, Port Coquitlam condemned the signs and the group they advertise "in the strongest terms," adding that the city "promotes an environment without hate."

Both Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam are asking residents to report other signs to RCMP.

This is a great initiative. Typical idiocrasy reaction from the communists, but more areas should emulate this whites only thing.

City asking people to report those posters to the police is retarded squared.

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They're being Anti Racists. System is working as intended.

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NFT Art is lame, but NFTs as a concept go beyond that; it's a cool concept that's just not exploited to it's potential yet.

Say you have a house lock that uses your house key NFT to open. You can transfer that NFT key to your babysitter for example, and when she's done working, she sends you back that NFT key. While she's in possession of that NFT key, she's unable to duplicate it, compared to a traditional physical house key.

Imagine elections using NFT tokens as ballots. 100% traceable, auditable, unforgeable, and 100% 4am bump proof. Results are known a minute after the polls close. In a few decades I'm betting that it will be the norm.

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Fentanyl aside, that place looks dirty as fuck. That floor hasn't been washed in over a decade.

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Even the mortgage interest is tax deductible down south

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And the young nig will kill more if he’s not put down.

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I think I'd still put Sowell in my Administration if I got elected POTUS.

He'd be my Black Kulture Secretary, and his mandate would be to "turn blacks into normal people".

If we have to share this country with them, let's at least attempt to fix them.

Not doing this benevolently, but them blacks are sinking this country. Fixing them would benefit everyone.

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Nice gaslighting.

Most "nazis" here are just normal Americans that are able to put 2 + 2 together.

You sound like Justin Trudeau when he accused the Freedom Convoy people of being racist sexist homophones with unacceptable views.

If Trump is ever asked such a question, he should laugh in the face of the person asking it; "according to experts" is how every MSM hit piece propaganda starts with.

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