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Abbott is COOPERATING with the Democrats by leapfrogging the invasion to our most inner cities all across the country, this is a METASTASIS not a reason to celebrate.


Are you aware of the giant migrant center being built in Chicago? This is the importation of the INFANTRY OF AN INVADING ARMY

These are the soldiers you and your sons will have to fight

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Why is Trump not trying to organize the people to get in the ballot counting rooms? Does he want to lose again?

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Was she cutting some little boy's penis off or was she getting gropey with her other adult while they were on a date?

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Why isn't Trump organizing the people to enter the ballot counting rooms?

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Go to zuckerbook and say that social security is socialism and you'll get a vacation for HATE SPEECH

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If he doesn't organize the people to get in the ballot counting rooms this is all masturbation.

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If you can decline then it's not mandatory

The flu shot is "mandatory" but you can perform some meaningless ritual occasionally to keep the bad spirits at bay so is it really mandatory

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I've seen the maps the accelerometer draws and they are very good. My intro to this topic was the Uber CEO explaining their "drunk passenger" program a few years ago. Basically they can tell whether the phone is in your hand, your pocket, your handbag, left side or right, they can tell if one of your legs is shorter than the other, whether you are swaying, your pace, whether you are looking around, etc. The sensitivity of these things is amazing. Go to pubmed and look up "accelerometer". Uber could tell three years ago whether you were drunk while dialling up the car. Note that there's no "I'm drunk" button on the app, but you get a driver who has agreed to pick up a drunk passenger. How do they know? They record an "instance" of your behavior while you have the phone in your hand. After three "instances" they can tell whether you're drunk THIS TIME. Note that this is not law enforcement data or medical data or private in any way. This is just information about you that can be bought or sold by any company to any person, your employer, your life or health insurance company, your local police department. This is high definition surveillance.

RIght in the palm of your hand.

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Then it's too late, their population will crash and there will be no recovery. No need to bother with the vaccine anymore.

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You would give away national territory without firing a shot?

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The media is not our culture. Boxed cereal is not our culture. It's a product sold to us. People get rich feeding the tube.

Our written literature is a much better example of our culture than what has emerged from Hollywood in the last 75 years.

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It's so sad what happened to Portland.

Also know that Portland is full of black mold, it's impossible to get away from. If it's not in your home it's in your car, if it's not in your car it's in your workplace, your grocery store, it's on your food, if you go out to eat it's everywhere.

There's no good way to avoid being poisoned there.

I think that's what's wrong with Portland.

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Movies are NOT our culture, they are a PRODUCT that was sold to us. It was entertainment and it is not important.

What IS important is the history of our people as written down for centuries and centuries, our traditions and our food, our holidays and seasons.

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Why isn't he ealking about staffing the polling places to see that no fake ballots getin? It doesn't matter how the vote goes if the wrong people get in the dark corners.

Organize the people

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they are going to steal the election again, and Trump is making no effort to get our people into the voting booths to count on the day.


He can't be serious about this, nobody serious would march forward into the bayonets like this. It's not possible to win if he is not in control of vote counting because the weight of the evidence is massively on the side for Democrat (Uniparty) cheating.

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This is their business model, crashing companies and buying them up for asset value and bringing them back, good ol large cap value. That's a business model I guess, destroying the country and buying the ashes.


What form of wealth could survive such a confluence of events?

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Remember when they decided kiddy porn was going to be the new racism and would comb through all your files "looking for it" or whatever? I immediately got rid of my apple phone and apple watch and installed linux and bought a POS flip phone that I can take the battery out etc.

Fuck these people

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My fellow white people

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Keep your dog in your yard and you'll be fine

by wrmevlp
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It's to get them dependent on the hospital again so they don't sue

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