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This is so fucking cool. What a great meme, moved into real life where EVERYONE must see it.

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This guy right here. He made one correct prediction in 2016, spent 5 years milking it and now is using the same limited theory of human behavior to try and explain everything that happens in the world.

Basic boomer low effort bitch.

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The thing about this post is this:

  • When I was on the left I thought I was smart and I thought I understood so much. Especially why wars were faught. I thought wars could be avoided if we just got people to talk, listen and exchange ideas.

  • I am now on the right and see my own people as the epitome of evil whose only desire is not listening and dialogue but absolute and total physical, moral and cultural domination.

We now understand why wars are fought. Because you cannot kill bad ideas. You have to xx the containers of those ideas.

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Absolutely. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes deeper. We now know kamala is too dumb to pull off anything sophisticated, this involved far more people than her. Probably was mostly organized by aspect of deep state.

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I accept your pespective and appreciate you sharing it.

As well, I will happily stand and fight with my Christian brothers and sisters, because like through all of history, only you guys seem to stand for anything at all and only you guys fight for what is right.

My athiest side is what is ruining our civilizations.

I appreciate you for just being you and letting me share my thoughts.

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I accept your rebuke.

Dogs wolves and foxes are different species that can interbreed.

Horses, zebras and donkeys are different species that can interbreed.

All birds constitute a whole set of species, yet they can all interbreed.

Just because evolution is true, that doesn't invalidate god. God is a superset of all that is, was and will ever be. He created all that we see around us. Including evolution and all the species that make up gods great zoo.

Which brings us to the ultimate great truth. Humans, chimps and gorillas are all great apes and yet they are all different species.

If god wanted all humans to be a single species, we would all be designed exactly the same. We are obviously not. Not only are we different on the outside, we are so different on the inside that medicine has to be specialized for each of the human species, one human species dominates all warm weather sports, and so forth.

Gods truth is inescapable.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer.

But, I do accept your rebuke. I understand your point of view.

// EDIT: If you see any downvotes, none of them will be from me. I truly do respect that you hold a different opinion from me.

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He's a jew. He isn't white. Stop acting like a degenerate.

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This is a really interesting point. I don't understand the down votes you are getting.

// EDIT: I misread the downvotes maybe? .win can be weird sometimes.

The genetic differences are so much deeper than just skin and eye colour. The differences are so deep that different species of human have completely differently wired brains. So much so that blacks have completely different mating rituals and norms from whites.

I am of the opinion that there are at least 7 separate species of human co-habiting on this planet. The differences between some species are slight and much greater between others. But, if we consider speciation, we can VERY CLEARLY start to gain past explanatory power and future predictive capability.

Once you understand speciation differences, for example like the differences between lions and house cats, wolves vs domestic dogs vs foxes, horses vs donkeys, all of a sudden you have a COMPLETE TOOLSET for understanding all of humanity.

Each of these 7 species are their own unique "gods creation" with their own species level needs and requirements. These differences are so pronounced that not only do we look and think differently, even our medical treatments need to take speciation into account.

You are right, probably on a deeper level than your statement makes clear.

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Christian brother, let me share my story with you.

Atheism is an indication of a broken mind. I used to believe it was an indication of high intellect because I am able to reason about things in a way that makes me feel smart. But, the reason that I am an atheist is not because I am smart but because my brain is broken.

The reason my brain is broken and I am an atheist is because my brain has a deeply flawed wiring: I CANNOT STAND BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO AND WHAT TO THINK.

Basically a kind of deeply anti-everything mental streak. When I rebelled against Christianity, I wasn't rebelling against Christianity, I was actually rebelling against how Christians spoke to me. Christians spoke to me in a way that told me what to do and what to think instead of inviting me to take my time, ask questions and push the conversation forward.

Well, I thought I was smart and I thought I knew better. What I did not realize was that by abandoning Christianity, I abandandoned my own people, my own kind, my brotherhood and my family. I traded all of that in for rabid individualism, rabid pseudo-intellectualism and a rabid belief in rationality. As did a whole bunch of generations around me.

And, what was the consequence of that? I and my atheists became the weakest, most corrupt and most easily duped group of people in generations. We got conned into believe that the state, government, police and all the middle layer stuff is good. We got conned into believing that family, faith and being proud of your own kind is bad. We got connect into believing that the highest moral position is to waste your time in a cubicle working for someone else instead of stay home and raise AS MANY KIDS AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY FIT INTO A HOME.

It also got us to this point in our western nations where THE ONLY PEOPLE STANDING UP TO THE PSYCHOPATHIC BEHAVIOUR OF OUR LEADERS ARE CHRISTIANS. There are NO ATHIESTS standing up for what is right and just. They are literally nowhere to be seen, they are all supporters of these fucking psychopaths.

And so here we are, at the precipice and potential end of our civiliizations. Because my brain is broken.

I cannot fix my brain, once an atheist always an atheist.

But, I will damn well stand with my Christian brothers AGAINST every mother fucking atheist individual or organization without EVER ASKING A QUESTION. There is no possibility of me forgiving my own kind what we have done to our civilizations.

I have to get a few things in order before I start going back to church. I won't ever be able to believe, but, I know what side I am on.

Thanks for sharing your journey.

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We still do, we just got lazy. Now we have to kick out the local mother fuckers that keep on getting elected but end up sitting on the fat arses doing jack shit and stabbing us in the back out of their offices and our militantly energized people in.

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A jew living in europe is no more white than a Boer living in South Africa is black. American blacks are not white because they live in a white country.

Dear lord, you boomers will stretch logic to any length just to not be called a racist.

Grow a fucking pair and stand up for your selves.

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My condolences. This vaxx is indeed taking a huge toll. Heads MUST ROLL for what these monsters have done.

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Who knew baseball caps could be this intimidating?

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To any .WIN people that always down vote the truth about race, you still want to keep on silently down voting without saying anything like cowards?

Keep on going. The rest of us will just stand aside as each and every one of you get picked off one by one. They literally told you in no uncertain terms, live on Twitter, what they want to do to you, your women and your children. No matter how hard you guys pray and work, they will NEVER vote with you and the Republicans ... because they ALL hate you.

We don't have to convince you. We just need to let you reap the consequences of your idealism.

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When this thing turns in New Zeland ... when it turns and the right gets into power.

They will be bringing back guns and the death penalty. These people have no comprehension of how deep they have dug their own graves.

Just wait.

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