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meh I'm 20 minutes into this and they haven't done anything but blow each other and wish they were JRE.

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They didn't. The internet was a glorious place before the Obama phone.

It's still pretty good. Most of the good forums like these haven't been discovered by the welfare class.

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What an indecisive, indecipherable and ineffectual puppet.

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She ain’t getting my vote.

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She brought him home precisely so they would say something.

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Yeah I'm calling him what's-his-name - they stole an election to put an empty suit into the white house - no reason to refer to him at all really.

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Dark can I get a streamable link for this when him you get a chance plz?

Spez: nvm I got it https://streamable.com/x87s3o

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There is absolutely no inevitability if there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening.

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We set up gab so we have a place to talk about you behind your back.

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Top mod u/Shadowman3001 controls the gab account and several other LGBT friendly ones.

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1600 upvotes with 900+ comments. Welp. His base has finally abandoned him. This time it is really over or Drumpf.

It’s been an honor my pedes. You should all be proud of your patriotism. We left it all on the field and came home on our shields.


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His “it will be wild” tweet was stickied here for weeks. He called all his people to DC then abandoned them when they stepped into Pelosi’s trap.

Half this site marched last week. Not antifa. Not feds. Pedes. And now he lets them all twist.

It’s over.

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